Pineapple juice ..

A pint of apple juice.jpg

Travelling globally and living in airport lounges and hotels has it’s share of humour :)

I was in Portugal this week .. and I asked for a pineapple juice ..

The lady looked at me a bit perplexed but went on to get the drink ..

When it turned up .. it looked very different from what I expected ..

‘What’s this’ I asked her?

It’s a ‘pint of apple juice’ as you requested .. she says ..

What are your travel stories? :)


  1. Chang says:

    Hey Ajit how are you.
    Mine is this: In Tokyo Narita, I was starving and asked someone where the restaurants are, and he kindly led me to restrooms.

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Hi Chang, I am well. :) yes its always tricky with accents, travels etc etc i.e. in my case as well – my own accent is unique(and a combination of multiple places). Good to hear from you as usual! kind rgds Ajit

  3. Patrick says:

    That picture is so clear and sharp. How did you take it?