Ad hoc twitter communities around an issue ..

I blogged about the execution of Delara Darabi.

I also twittered the same

A quick search of ‘Delara’ on twitter shows that many other people have done the same

This is interesting for me since I would like to know these people since clearly we share common values.

So, I wonder if there is some way for twitter to create ad hoc communities around an issue?

This would be great since I would like to easily follow people who tweeted about the issue.

My only concern is marketers will get hold of this .. which is sad .. since my goal is simply to communicate with people who share the same values ..

Does this functionality exist? Maybe Twitter should create it?


  1. I really like your adhoc community idea. Maybe it could be something like, “subscribing” to a hashtag, as opposed to only doing a search of the hashtag? “subscribing” to a hashtag would create an adhoc bidirectional relationship with all the users subscribing to that hashtag. In fact this is mostly what happen when you use the real time search function in Tweetdeck for example but this “subscription” would be provided as a primary function by twitter.
    As you noted, the problem with this is the potential for spammers! As I posted recently in my blog I actually think that the spam coming from twitter real time search will be a big problem for them pretty soon –