t-mobile blocks skype from t-mobile HOTSPOTS!

Close on the heels of the previous post about Vodafone blocking skype , It seems that t-mobile blocks skype from t-mobile HOTSPOTS as this article in German says ..

This is truly sad and silly .. the reasons are the same .. network capacity etc .. but I fail to see how they apply to HOTSPOTS! On the contrary, one could argue that a majority of the mobile calls are made from home. So, this would take off the load from the telecoms network and save the Operator costs by offloading the network capacity?

Very odd ..

Update: Washington post picks up the same story

O2 does NOT block Skype on wifi hotspots

Skype calls it an April fool’s joke .. but it is not ofcourse!

There are some good examples of Operators innovating .. The rise and rise of BONDI .. So, overall I am always optimistic and pragmatic ..