Maybe we should stop linking to old media and let them take a sabbatical for a month from the Web?

Much as I like the Guardian(note no link to the Guardian!) .. they seem to be jumping on the subsidy bandwagon

Agree totally with Mike Arrington here


Let’s all be clear here. What Porter and Bragg want is a subsidy from Google. A sort of welfare tax on a profitable company so that they can continue to draw the paychecks they’ve become accustomed to. That isn’t going to happen, and all this hand wringing isn’t helping to move their respective industries toward a successful business model. They either need to adapt or die. And they’re choosing a very noisy and annoying death.


Maybe we should stop linking to old media?

How about they take a sabbatical from the web for a month and then see what happens?

Dont link to the likes of Billy Bragg(who is he???) Guardian(soon we may be asking the same question of the Guardian if they persist in this stupidity) – which is an exception from their more enlightened policies like Guardian open platform APIs etc .. and see if they get any coverage?

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  1. It’s not a subsidy from my view. It’s payment for use of assets. I’m sure you would get uppity if the Guardian published your blog in their paper without paying you.
    OK so there may not be agreement on the amount to be paid and of course I want the business model with Google to work but I’m concerned that the musicians are being demonised here or rather the PRS/MCPS. This is unfair.
    Stopping linking to ‘old media’ will leave you with Pink and Franz Ferdinand in your return results – good luck with that – you’ll only end up paying in the form of mental counselling further down the line. I’ll be using the web structures that cover the Beatles, Hendrix and Public Enemy. If I pay 0.0001 pence for the Chemical Brothers and that is split between PRS and Google then so be it.
    Why is paying for music such a problem? You should be getting behind micro payments and any initiatives that reward creators.
    Use your blog energy to suggest a workable model not poo poo a valid request from musicians organisations.
    I think your blog is generally on point but this one is a ‘miss’ for me.

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Hello Anthony, firstly – thanks for reading my blog.
    Here are some more thoughts.
    you asked me also what if the guardian put my blog on their newpaper and made money on it. My answer is – I would consider it free PR. I would think that if I asked so, they should remove it. I would not however expect them to use it and also want to impose a revenue model on them.
    It is unfortunate to single out the guardian who overall seem to do an excellent job – except in this case
    The blind rent collectors: The future of journalism should not be
    confused with the future of newspapers ..
    kind rgds Ajit