ITV misses out on Susan Boyle’s fame ..

This shows why the old media need the web inspite of all their protests ITV misses out as Susan Boyle conquers web

ITV has missed out on sharing a million-pound windfall from clips of Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle uploaded onto video website YouTube.

Boyle’s performance on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent has attracted more than 100 million hits on the site in a fortnight as the 47-year-old church volunteer continues to captivate a huge global audience.

But the financially beleaguered channel had insisted that no advertisements be shown alongside the clips until it has thrashed out a deal with Google, which owns YouTube


Part of ITV’s reluctance to agree a deal with YouTube could be because it wants to maintain the traffic to its own website. There is also speculation that it is trying to strike too hard a deal, using Boyle’s unique position as a bargaining tool for a better share.

Another explanation could be ITV chief executive Michael Grade’s public loathing of YouTube, which he has branded a “parasite” living off TV shows and content created by the commercial broadcaster. Grade’s announcement last week that he was stepping down as chief executive may help to thaw relations.