Invitation to developers: free access to mobile operator smart pipes and applications, day one, afternoon

Our friendly neighbourhood conference organizer Sophie Powell sent me below. Contact details for Sophie are as per below. Pls contact he if you can make it

I hope you are well. I am writing to inform you of an exclusive invitation for you to attend Informa Telecom’s and Media’s forthcoming Mobile Operator Smart Pipes and Applications 2009 conference on the 19th May for free, as a member of the developer community. As a developer you will have complimentary access to the afternoon stream entitled ‘Improving Operator Third Party Developer Relationships to Mutual Benefit: Working With The Best and Benefiting From a Nurtured Developer Community’ which assesses the need for improved developer/operator communication to ensure mobile operator APIs as a more attractive and monetised developer platform with united distribution and volume.

By attending the stream you will be able to listen to and inform a dynamic discussion and guarantee that the developer voice is clearly heard amongst an audience of mobile operators, content providers and other developers. Keynote speakers include:

Steve Glagow, VP, Orange Partner, Orange, UK

Graham Trickey, ONE API, GSMA, UK

Phil Mundy, CEO, Creative North, UK

Paul Golding, Developer, Wireless Wanders, UK

John Holloway, CEO ZingMagic, UK

Tom Montgomery, CEO, Mobiun, UK

Erik De Kroon, Internet Discovery, Vodafone Group, UK

Sune Jakobsson, Open Services Group, Telenor, Norway

Topics covered include developer operator programmes, standardisation arguments for APIs, a developer panel discussion and interview session on Telenor’s long-standing CPA programme and current R&I. Developers from WIP, GSMA, endorsing association and operator and device manufacturer bases are among the invited. We hope to have a distinguished developer presence to ensure a true conversation/representation between all parties in a newer and more open mobile operator business model…

To come along, please call the bookings hotline at +44(0)20 7017 5506 or email [email protected] with details of your developer status. Your developer company must employ less than 5 people and you must contact us from a non personal email account to verify this free access. Informa is actively encouraging a good developer attendance at this event so I do hope that you will be able to make it. For venue details and to download the brochure please see and contact [email protected] if you have any further enquiries as to the event.

Best Wishes,

Sophie Powell

Business Research Executive