Why does Vodafone continue to block skype?

As the momentum around Skype for iPhone + Blackberry(followed by their previous announcement on Nokia N73) gathers rave reviews from customers and media alike, I wonder why Vodafone continues to block Skype?

This is very old fashioned and as a long standing Voda customer, it may be cause to switch operators who will not do so.

Apart from the walled garden implications .. this affects me directly as a Vodafone customer and as a frequent traveller.

I have a friend who says that: SE C905 doesn’t allow me. It runs many JME apps, of course, but denies installation of quite a few, including Skype. So much about Open Gardens…

I see no reason now for Vodafone to block Skype now that its on Nokia, Blackberry and the iPhone.

Any reason why Voda could be legitimately blocking it?

Sadly, I will have to switch Operators if this does not change .. I have a large address book on Skype and the more that address book works on a phone .. the better it is for me ..

I probably won’t switch to the iPhone .. but being a Nokia + Blackberry user historically – N97 + Blackberry seems to be a good choice ..


  1. dante says:

    vodafone doesn’t want to open skype because they don’t earn more and more… they don’t care about their customers and their programmers is not that good

  2. fitzy says:

    just changed contracts from 3 2 vodaphone nearly halfed my monthly bills not a skype user but happy with there second phone help!

  3. George says:

    Yeah it would be good for vodafone to unblock skype. http://www.rapidsloth.com had an article on this issue.

  4. George says:

    Any reason why Voda could be legitimately blocking it?
    this maybe block by the iPhone ?

  5. remik says:

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