What would happen if Google profiles become listed in Google search?

This is another one of my Gedankenexperiments ..

Considering the new emphasis on profiles and interests driving advertising Google to offer advertisements based on behavioural profiles .. But offers users a chance to edit profiles, I set up my own Google profile Ajit Jaokar .

This was interesting – but what was MORE interesting that it did NOT appear in Google search.

At first I thought it was a matter of time before it got indexed

Apparently, not so .. Your profile is also visible when you create content in certain products such as Google Maps, Reader, Book Search, and Knol.

But not in SEARCH!

My LinkedIn profile – Ajit Jaokar does appear in search

So, if my Google profile were to appear .. Then we have a very interesting proposition because we have the foundation of a Reputation system and also a potentially a social network through search. (The mere act to adding ‘friends’ to my profile will create rudimentary a social network)

I understand why Google search may NOT want to do this (i.e. not favour Google profile over LinkedIn profile) – however, it would be interesting to see if we have a choice i.e. can I choose to make my profile appear in search?

The debate about access to your own information is only just beginning. Google took the first steps in that direction with Google Health

Expect to see more of this debate

I for one, won’t mind if I have the choice to have my profile listed under Google search .. After all my LinkedIn profile is already there .. So why not the Google profile

I just read that facebook also allows you to selectively open up your personal profile