Must read article from Andreas Constantinou of Vision Mobile: Why the LiMo Foundation needs to go back to the drawing board

Andreas has a fascinating article entitled Why the LiMo Foundation needs to go back to the drawing board

It’s a great article and he concludes with the comments

I would argue that if LiMo wants to be making an impact on tomorrow’s handsets, it needs to refocus its ‘standardisation’ efforts on the browser and service delivery layer; for example, accelerating the development of WebKit-based browsers and browser-based applications (much like WebOS has showed is possible). WebKit is one of the frontiers of the mobile value line (therefore a non-differentiating feature) and can become a common substrate for the delivery of next-gen operator services, with the help of LiMo and its operator backing.

Moreover, by focusing on the service delivery and application development layers, LiMo would effectively reduce the cost and time-to-market for full application suites (what Qtopia struggled with and what Android has addressed so elegantly).

I was a huge fan of LiMo on launch, and I hope I’ll continue to be. But, for its own sake, LiMo needs to go back to the drawing board.

My thoughts

I agree with the insights and the conclusions of the article something I also pointed out a while ago in a different context iphone vs. Symbian vs. Android vs. Limo vs. Ovi : We cannot compare an ecosystem with an operating system i.e. Limo is only an operating system – and an ecosystem will win over an Operating system.

More interesting from Andreas’s blog is the solution i.e. can Limo succeed in deeply integrating into the higher levels of the stack even if they are open source? (like webkit).

This is not quite easy as it sounds since they have different governance models ( Open is the new closed? – Bringing transparency to Open source by separating Open source licensing models and Open source governance models .. ) and the browser will (rightly) see Limo as a commodity

The question for me is: Can Limo do this? i.e. rise above the OS level and integrate into the service level through the browser.

The advice is accurate .. and there are many more who will be in the same battle (ex OMTP) i.e. either you have to see it as a completely ‘non profit’ venture or you have to somehow be a part of the service layer – and as Andreas points out – it will be tough …

Read the article at Why the LiMo Foundation needs to go back to the drawing board