LTE services course at the University of Oxford

university of oxford CPD.JPG

I am happy to announce that on April 20 and 21st, I and Martin Sauter will be conducting a 2 day course on LTE Services at the University of Oxford

Here’s the agenda:

* New services based on enhanced capacity of the network

* IP based business models

* Rich voice applications

* New role of devices to handle rich content and social networks

* Social networks based on rich content like video

* Services unique to LTE and the core network

* Greater role for user generated content and for rich media

* Unified communications and beyond 3G networks

* Fixed mobile integration – leveraging enhanced networks and learning from past mistakes

* Integrated networks and connecting back to home networks

* Network elements: Femtocells vs Wi-Fi in the home gateway and services based on these elements

* Wireless sensor networks at home and their role and opportunity in an overall beyond 3G network

It will be a pleasure to work with Martin – and I have followed his work and blog with great interest over the years. We’ve also put together a questionnaire on LTE services to get more feedback. If you have a minute and are interested, we’d be happy to get your feedback. We’ll share the result with those who leave their e-mail address and of course with all course participants. Needless to say that all responses are treated confidentially.

So, please sign up at the Oxford University web site and we look forward to seeing you there.