How many RSS feeds do you read?

I intentionally try to get a wide range of views. As of today, it is 136 feeds. (these span both my mobile and policy work).

I used to go for a few favourites – but for some time now have followed a ‘wide range of feeds’ strategy


Any other numbers?


  1. sim says:

    226. I’ve recently noticed it’s a few too many, so I have to prune a little but I suspect I’ll end up with closer to 200 anyway.

  2. 35 feeds on my google reader + shared items from friends + following about 30-40 people on twitter =)
    Dont you loose too much time with so many feeds?

  3. I’m currently monitoring 657 feeds in Google Reader and adding at a rate of about 3 or 4 a week. I don’t organize them into folders or categories – I just let the river of news flow – oldest to newest – and “J” my way through them with a fairly quick scan – usually about 2 or 3 seconds per item. I’ll stop and read the interesting short items and star/save the interesting longer stuff or compelling links and come back to it later. I don’t obsess over every single item – I just realize that the important stuff always has a way of finding its way to me.

  4. Google Reader says “From your 422 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 8,632 items, starred 66 items, shared 74 items, and emailed 36 items”

  5. ivanmendoza says:

    168 feeds + Friendfeed + DeviantArt hehe

  6. Mark Dyck says:

    202 feeds in Google Reader across a wide range of topics. 150+ of them go into one big bucket which I’ve given up trying to stay on top of, so now have 20-30 in an ‘must read’ list and I try to stay on top of those. Still, a fairly wide range even within the 20-30. Telecom, marketing, social media and some humour too.

  7. Ajit Jaokar says:

    many thanks all. I also read a lot of posts in the list version and ‘star’ the good ones. Then I read all the starred ones. I always look for ways to optimise my work .. so all comments welcome kind rgds ajit

  8. helena says:

    67 in the google RSS reader, way too many for MyAlltop it seems :)