My post on net neutrality gets post of the week in Carnival of the mobilists N0 165 hosted at Visionmobile


For many of us who have blogged for years now, blogging is a bit of an art form – and the recognition amongst your peers is an honour which we aspire to.

The carnival of the mobilists is one such peer recognition forum which I so love and respect – purely because of the excellent quality of people who are such regular


So you know you interact with the best in the world.

Hence, I am especially pleased that my post The Net Neutrality argument – ‘unsexed up’: Untangling the various threads of the Net neutrality argument got the post of the week hosted at Carnival of the Mobilists No 165 at Visionmobile this week

Even by my metanarrative style of blogging – this was a very long and complex post. It was also one of the most difficult posts to write since it meant providing a balanced/neutral standpoint to a complex and emotionally charged issue

So, I am glad to see the kudos it got.

The carnival has other interesting posts especially from Chetan Sharma, Martin Sauter and Andrew Grill. Like Vanessa I particularly enjoyed Chetan’s post.

The link again is Carnival of the Mobilists No 165 at Visionmobile