Wikipedia blacklists Read Write Web – Goes into the dark ages ..

This story would be funny if it were not so serious!

I first thought this was a joke .. apparantly not .. ReadWriteWeb One of the most respected blogs on the web is blacklisted by wikipedia. I think this issue needs to be highlighted. The wikipedia ‘editor”s motivations who hides behind anonymity are unclear. Who knows who this person is and what his bias is? We can all see the good work done by the excellent folk at RWW – not so this person who it seems may have a hidden agenda. This is sad day for wikipedia

Full story HERE

The whole case of anonymity on the Web is a topic of discussion – anonymous bloggers, anonymous editors etc can never be trusted since their agenda and level of knowledge/understanding is always suspect


  1. Nihiltres says:

    As the Wikipedia administrator who removed the listing, let me assure you that the issue was a misunderstanding. Wikipedians are constantly trying to make sure that spam doesn’t make it into the encyclopedia, and it is on those grounds that the original blacklist addition was made (and as far as I can tell, rightfully). Those who suggested that it should be on the blacklist were merely overzealous.