Seasick Steve – highly recommended ..

seasick steve.jpg

I have long been a fan of blues music and recently, I heard an album called Dog house music by an artist called Seasick Steve.

One of the best music I have heard recently and highly recommended .. if you like timeless blues music

Seasick steve website is Seasick Steve

In 2009, he was nominated for a Brit Award in the category of International Solo Male Artist, thus becoming the oldest ever BRIT nominee

In either case, this music is great stuff .. especially the album Dog house music


  1. Manju says:

    Would you opinion/recommendation change if the information is Pull instead of a Push? For e.g., in your example of ‘standing in front of a car dealership’, I hit the ‘recommend/assist’ button, which delivers me the ‘one-click loan’. Japan has had LBS (Location Based Services) for a while now, and seems to have walked the fine line between privacy and utility.