Many thanks for the participation at my session at Mobile World Congress(Business of Mobile 2.0)

Today, I chaired the Business of Mobile 2.0 session today at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

I believe that this was the single largest attendee session so far(outside of keynotes) and we have been getting lots of great feedback!

Glad also GSMA could arrange the larger room and the more interactive format which helps in view of the audience

When we first thought of this session, we wanted to add a lot of detail and perspective i.e. its easy to add ’2.0′ after anything but very hard to take the ‘cross stack’ view across networks, devices, platforms, APIS and right down to the SIM!

So, the fact that we had the Web(Google, Yahoo), Operators(Vodafone, O2), Devices(LG), Platforms(Qualcomm), Content innovators(fusionone), APIs(vodafone, RCS), SIM(Gemalto), Social networks(Xtract) and innovators(Fortumo, Goojet Tony Fish, Fring, New Bay) in one room helped a lot!

The session extended beyond 5:40(the scheduled time) to 6 and even then we had a significant audience

Am exhausted but happy :)

Many thanks again to all the speakers and the attendees and special thanks to Rudolph, Lydia and tech team at GSM

Will blog more with details.


  1. Ajit,
    I could not make it to MWC this year. Fully focused on executing a product launch and some sales work in closing stages. I look forward to your post about the details about the session from today.

  2. James Parton says:

    Glad things were well received, looking forward to your summary.