Govloop and the Rise of the Goverati


As we see more of the ‘opening up’ of Government, we see interesting initiatives. One such initiative is Govloop run by Steve Ressler who I know from my networking with policy bloggers.

Govloop is one of the new initiatives of taking government to the 2.0 world and can be seen as a social network for government employees.

Launched in June 2008, the network has over 5,000 members from federal, state, and local government. Their members range from CIOs and Deputy Administrators to brilliant mid-level and entry-level staff all across the United States and the globe.

In a few months, their members have written over 600 blogs, launched 450 discussions, posted over 200 events, and shared 1000+ photos and over 100 videos. They connect and collaborate on ways to improve government from the inside. Recent discussions and blogs have addressed topics such as Gov 2.0, Crowdsourcing, Participatory Budgeting, and Creating New Government Leaders.

From their recent press release asking the Obama administration to join GovLoop the As Meghan Harvey, a GovLoop member, recently wrote in her post titled, “How GovLoop Helps Restore Faith & Inspiration to the People”, “If the people at the heart of government are this dedicated, passionate and smart, then how can the public NOT have faith in the direction of our country? (The Administration should) show the public the regular people on GovLoop who are making a difference each and every day.”

Govloop also got some excellent coverage from RRW in the blog Government 2.0: The Rise of the Goverati

I know people like Steve (and myselves) who are trying to create grassroots change globally in governance – i.e. in effect creating a government framework which listens. I am helping Steve spread the word for govloop here in Europe. This is a positive development and I very much encourage it. I am glad to see Govloop grow to be so big in a few months starting from a Steve’s efforts in his spare time.