Calling all widget developers .. and the significance of OMTP BONDI ..


Calling all widget developers ..

Do you have an interesting website or widget? Would you like your company and widgets to feature at Barcelona and beyond in BONDI demos.

Download the SDK and BONDI fy your widgets. (BONDIfy means make secure – and enhance with integrated APIs)

Once you have done it – upload it here – and it can be visible to the entire Widget community.

These widgets will be visible using the BONDI widget manager (a special widget !!)

See more from the OMTP site

Bondi has some cool APIs which you can see at BONDI APIs

OMTP also has recently announced a partnership with the Limo foundation and with Opera

The intention of the BONDI initiative is to ensure that web applications can access native functionality on mobile handsets consistently across platforms and with the appropriate security to protect the user from malware. Version 1.0 of BONDI provides a detailed set of terminal requirements and specifications. It includes web based development, collaboration and specification tools, and downloadable components and Software Development Kits to facilitate developers and other stakeholders in further development. Its open source Reference Implementation provides a technical proof and allows for the first time anyone to contribute to the evolution of BONDI. (

The BONDI initiative addresses a key gap in the industry and the alignment with the Limo foundation and Opera are first steps to deploy BONDI commercially

The security requirement is critical as a report on Android reveals today Android Vulnerability So Dangerous, Users Warned Not to Use Phone’s Web Browser

Ultimately, I see many devices ‘powered’ by the BONDI engine .. and that will be good for the industry overall


  1. Shesh says:

    Why do you say you expect many devices powered by BONDI engine?
    OMTP’s sponsors, Nokia and Ericsson, have their own widget platform (Nokia’s WRT, Sony-Ericsson’s Panels). And three advisors have their own widgets too (Access’s DirectConnect, Motorola’s WebUI and Opera Widgets). Installed base is 0% and there is no port of BONDI to any OS except the original Windows implementation, so we have to wait to see how well it can be ported.
    Will this really be a success?