Slashed seat affair – new single

My friend Darren Michael is part of a band called Slashed seat affair and I have blogged about them before since I like their music(sounds a lot like the groups ‘Texas’ or ‘Garbage’)

Their first single ‘Forget You’ is released on the 16th February, but is now available for pre-order for the tiny sum of 79p from indiestore or simply click on the link at the bottom of the email.

One thing you have to remember is to download the track in the week of 16th Feb in order for it to be chart eligible that week

So far the reviews have been. This is what said about them …

“Quite why this outfit aren’t already vying for chart stardom I don’t know – perhaps that one element, ‘lady luck’, hasn’t been kind to them yet, perhaps they just haven’t been in the right place at the right time cuz Slashed Seat Affair have that special quality that most bands just never quite manage to achieve.” Read the rest of the review here

They want to get a couple of thousand sales they do stand a chance of charting which is amazing for a little self release, so please, please help them realise their ambitions!