MIT media – Scratch language – and picoboard – we should promote this concept .. its cool!


Amongst the various things I spent working over the new year break – (LTE, k-anonymity, mobile web megatrends, Cloud privacy policies, Internet of things) all already blogged or will be blogging .. (I know – I know .. I should get more of a social life .. – ha ha! )

But one of them was a fun project called ‘Scratch’

Scratch is a programming language for kids created by MIT media labs and it’s cool!!!

and it gets even more interesting with Picoboard .. which is a sensor that responds to scratch programs


I love it!

I think we should really promote this since it will help kids and people worldwide ..

It promotes programming concepts, multimedia and sharing i.e. you can build up based on other people’s shared programs.

see this nice example of a simple and innovative project by a child and more videos below about the concept itself

Scratch: overview from andresmh on Vimeo.

Scratch in 30 seconds from andresmh on Vimeo.

Scratch: first 4 months from andresmh on Vimeo.

At least two people I know Paul Golding and David Smith will be interested in this .. maybe we can get more people here in the UK interested in this concept?