Creating your own personal brand through social media in a recession.. seeking thoughts ..

Hello all

I am thinking of this for a forthcoming book ..

What’s the best way to build your own brand using social media in a recession?

A couple of caveats .. and thoughts

a) ‘In a recession’ is the operative phrase .. should we use social media in a recession at all if you are not already familiar with it? Imagine this – you worked for a company for 10 years. You think you may be made redundant this year – should you start a blog from scratch? On one hand – it is potentially the most efficient way to getting known. On the other hand, it could be like the drop in the ocean.

b) Having said that, in any case building your own brand could help getting the next job, differentiate yourselves, create a support network etc

c) I am only interested in building a personal brand(not for the company/and not for selling) but for individuals

d) I am looking at all forms of social media – Web, Mobile, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Wikis, communities, linkedin/facebook/MySpace etc, Groups(linkedin groups) etc

Many successful bloggers are in a good place to handle the recession since they have managed to build a unique and a personal brand for themselves

Question is: Given a recession – should one attempt to do so?(not just via blogs but by all social media). If so, any thoughts insights?

PS: see this great post – How to: Build a Social Media Cheat Sheet for Any Topic from R/W web and Marshall Kirkpatrick. Excellent stuff!


As I said in a post at forumoxford, most of the existing writing is for companies and may well not apply to a drastic change of ecosystem

For instance, consider the excellent book Groundswell from forrester

Page 113 of this book give ‘ROI of an executive’s blog’. According to the book, the total costs for a blog for an exec PER YEAR is guess what?


No kidding ..

(That includes $25K for planning and development, $150K for content production including exec time)

That exec will probably be redundant soon :)

The point is this – most of these things are designed to over complexify, to sell to corporate(which is forrester goal) and don’t take the exec into consideration(for instance the REAL motivation for the exec may be to be sure he is well known for his NEXT job)

So ..

I feel there is a lot of material out there .. But a lot of it has an agenda and it’s generally ‘corporate’ ..

No one TODAY will pay $283K ** per exec ** to blog .. Yet forrester seems to think that they will only a few months ago ..


  1. Dave Birch says:

    Well, from my own mildly successful foray into blogs, podcasts etc, I’d say that the key is to deliver something of value into the network because the magnifying effect of power laws has such impact. It’s an interesting topic: let’s have coffee or something.

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    many thanks Mr Birch. A Coffee is Long overdue. Hope you are well. Agree there is a lot. agree with what you say and also something I was thiking of – ie the web is vast – the key is to leverage it .. sent you email

  3. To my mind, one of the best ways to build your brand is by being useful. Why are we still, on some level, trying to be intentionally anonymous? The tools are out there regardless of where your stuff is to consolidate your stuff.
    This is part of the reason we started Stop by and check it out. I could help or not. Let us know.
    Know one you meet should have to google for you. We don’t have the time to find each other using google. Collect your stuff and do more than wave, say hello.

  4. Phil Barrett says:

    The most important brand you will ever work on is…. your own.
    Having your own blog is the best way to build some personal brand equity – assuming you pick a topic / area where you are an expert and have something to add to the conversation.
    Over the last year this has also evolved to the point where you need to leverage other social media channels as conversation and broadcast channels – while integrating back to your master brand.
    Twitter, facebook, and Linkedin are all essential bits in building your online equity.