Arrowes and why the educational system may need to be revamped ..

My five year old son is into technology in a big way .. And it always surprises me as to the things he comes up with ..

Here is one ..

He was trying to spell ‘Arrows’

And was writing ‘Arrowes’

I said – That’s not the right spelling ..

He made a few more attempts ..

And then his face brightened ..

He trotted off to the PC

Started Google ..

Typed in ‘Arrowes’ (the wrong spelling)

And immediately it came back with ‘Do you mean ‘Arrows’

Which was his answer! And which is correct ..

Will he get marks for this? No

But the approach is fantastic for a five year old! (Type in the wrong spelling in Google and let it suggest the right one)

It shows us that the young may have completely different ways to get the right answer .. And the educational system may need to cater for these since the kids will evolve at a faster rate than the educational system ..


  1. Come on, what we routinely call ‘education’ is in fact nothing more than an indoctrination into a set of ultimately useless social customs. Whatever useful knowledge is taught in schools comes spoon-fed without any explanation at all. Can you imagine a school teaching *critical thinking*? Or what science is actually about? Or at least what mathematics is *good for*?
    And guess what, the way kids learn when left to their own devices has been studied for decades (hint: look up ‘constructivism’ on Wikipedia). All the “educational system” needs to do is to stand back a little and settle for providing guidance. Trouble is, that would clash with the modern society’s obsession with control.
    Meh. Just make sure you are there for your son. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    what a fatastic insight!. I was reading constructivism and its great stuff. mnany more ideas on this. many thanks. Shall blog more and lets keep in touch kind rgds Ajit