Recommended book – YouTube – An insider’s guide to climbing the charts ..

I have always been interested in YouTube .. For two reasons ..

Firstly, Today, YouTube is a mature technology and it is also the most truly democratic media channel in the world. I heard somewhere (can’t remember source) – that YouTube is the most trusted media in the world.

This is apparently contradictory – but true because it is ‘citizen’s journalism’. Hence, has many viewpoints – which makes it more trusted media channel (at least to me!)

Secondly, YouTube is great for building traffic to your own site. It is a classic case of creating a social media object. By social media object I mean an object that is meant to direct traffic to your site.

And there is no better social object than a YouTube video.

So, I would recommend this fascinating book YouTube – An insider’s guide to climbing the charts .. This is well worth a read.

I like it because it is a book about ‘Climbing the charts‘ on YouTube written by people who have done it(and not just about the mechanics of creating video – which it also covers as well).

In that sense, it is useful in a direct, practical way in the creation of a social object.

A video as below