Participating in the State of the Net conference in Washington DC …

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I am pleased to be invited to participate in the State of the Net conference in Washington DC on Jan 14

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Lordon -Director of the Internet Education foundation – who are organisers of the State of the net conferences. Tim met me when I spoke at the EIF event in the European parliament in Brussels and it was nice to be invited to attend an equivalent conference in Washington DC.

This conference takes a significant meaning in light of the inauguration of President Barack Obama on Jan 20 especially since Barack Obama has said that the Internet is key to economic recovery

My personal belief is – (as I spoke at the European parliament event) – the recession provides greater opportunity for government and policy makers to create key enablers to kick start the economy – A ‘new new deal’ – so to speak.

Specifically, the initiatives I have been following in this context: are: Cloud computing, The Internet of Things, Mobile/sensor based interaction and the EU vision of Web 3.0 . This vision is not very far fetched considering the proliferation of non phone wireless devices(like Amazon Kindle), Cloud computing, RFID, LTE, Wimax, next generation SIM cards, Broadband and other technologies – coupled with a recession and active involvement from bodies like the EU, we can makes a difference ..

I am very much looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from the State of the net conference. I will also be blogging details of this conference and incorporating some of these ideas in the forthcoming book Beyond Mobile web 2.0 – Web 3.0 and the Internet of things. We may also see an Internet of things strategy with Android in future – so the vision is not as far fetched as we may think

About the state of the net conference:

The State of the Net Conference is the largest information technology

policy conference in the US, attracting over 550 attendees in 2008.

This year the conference frame the policy debates that will challenge

the new Administration and the new Congress. This year with a new

administration, the dialogue and discussion surrounding the tech

policy issues the new administration will be at front and center.

State of the Net is the only tech policy conference routinely

recognized for its balanced blend of academics, consumer groups,

industry and government (over 50% of 2008 attendees were government

policy staff).