My son Aditya and his company Aditya robotics ..

My son Aditya Jaokar (5 years old) is into ‘mobile’ as you can see from his picture.

He tries to emulate me by creating a company called ‘Aditya Robotics’.

I created his own ‘business card’ which you see below and he wants me to be ‘on it’s board’!

He has been ‘googling’ my name all over the Web and in YouTube – and now wants to see his name can be in Google as well ..

Hence this blog ..

By the way, I very much recommend the Business card idea if you have a five year old – it works wonders ..

Ajit and Aditya Jaokar - creators of Aditya Robotics.jpg

aditya robotics.JPG


  1. David Martin says:

    Great…I wish best of luck for your new company “Aditya Robotics”

  2. Jose HC says:

    Good fun… Aditya has in fact made it into Google. If you search “Aditya robotics” he comes up #1. Way to go!!!
    I have a 3 year old and it might be a bit early for the business cards… although he constantly talks on his mobile (which are not phones most of the time but whatever he finds that slightly resembles one). I think one his first words was BlackBerry (since I worked for them back then).

  3. Nicola says:

    :-) he looks a completely natural entrepreneur already !

  4. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Thanks Nicola, Jose, David for your kind wishes. He is excited to see ‘comments’ on his blog – a whole new concept for him! rgds Ajit