Mobile Web Ecosystem – Taxonomy – have I missed anything?

Note: This is a continiously updated post. Many thanks for your contributions(list of contributors below to my original list)


Earlier this year, I created a conference called Mobile Web Megatrends. Next year, we intend to expand it significantly

I want to create a mobile web ecosystem(and then work towards the emerging trends)

How about the below? Have I missed anything? These are the broad trends/technologies I have been tracking.

kind rgds


Browsers (i.e. phones and operators within browsers)

- Opera

- Safari

- Chrome

- Android

- webkit

- RIA (Rich Internet applications)

- skyfire?

- Access

- Purple Labs (which acquired OpenWave mobile)

- Microsoft/windows

Phones (Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, SE, Others)



- W3C one web initiative

- Microformats (Microformats are small bits of HTML that represent things like people, events, tags, etc. in web pages.)

Innovation and evolution

- Gears/offline browsing

- open source ecosystems

- Widgets

- Javascript enhancements(Chrome, JS libraries)

- Cloud

- Location including Cell id databases

- SIM/Smart card web server

- APIs (GSMA, OpenAjax, Bondi, Gears, RCS)

- Browser plugins(MS Silverlight, Mozilla,W3C)

- Social network APIs

- QR codes

- Local web

- Mobile search

Trutap, metatxt, Jumptap, Google

- Facebook browser

- Mozilla Fennec

- New android browsers(steel) and others

- Privacy within the browser ecosystem

- Near Field Communications

- Rich Presence – more than just online/offline status but converged with enterprise Unified Communications systems to see hierarchical status of people, systems and processes.

- Sensor based interaction, Cloud computing and the Internet of things

- Asynchronous activation, background processing

- Mobile virtualization

Integration of Web and other technologies

- Calling the web from other applications(embedding)

- Caling MIDP from the Mobile Web

- Calling other native apps from the mobile web


- Cellular networks



- Radio Frequency Networks: such as Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMAx & Mesh


Business models

- Advertising

- Payments

- flat rate pricing

- App store and Mobile services platforms ( Nokia Ovi, Apple App Store, Google Android Apps, Blackberry App Store, MS Mobile “Skymarket, Sony Ercisson X1, Google apps labs)

- Social media content

- Social networks

- Media(video, audio etc)


- S60

- S40

- dot mobi

Non phone devices

- Nintendo Wii

- Amazon Kindle?

- Other gaming consoles that have a web interface

Emerging markets

- India, China, Russia Brazil, Africa

Advanced markets

- Korea

- Japan


- Europe


- Flashlite

- Qualcomm BREW & Plaza

- on-device portals SurfKitchen / Action Engine

- Java

User Experience

Thanks to all who commented

Dr Bruce Scharlau

Dean Bubley

James Pearce

Gerry Winsor

Shane williamson

Kery Ritz



  1. kerry ritz says:

    under business models, i think you need to expand or break out “advertising”. advertising is about brand building or generating awareness. however there are other elements of the marketing mix that have a future on mobile: for example, promotion (discounts, coupons); customer research.
    one should also move away from thinking about “apps” and “platforms” and start using words like retail, stores–again, closer to the fmcg and retail words than the world of technology and applications

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    thanks kerry! rgds Ajit

  3. Mark Bower says:

    Seems like our areas of research are similiar.
    See for info on WiFi, Mobile Computing, Artifical Life, Cloud Computing, Social Networking, and Web 1.0/2.0/3.0.
    Cheers Mark Bower
    NextWave.IT Ltd

  4. The Brazilian Zeebo console with 3G & EDGE connectivity should have a web ingerface and fit the Non-Phone device category.