Bounce trap iPhone game from Playscreen ..


Playscreen launches a new iPhone game called Bounce trap.

As per the review on appcraver

Bounce Trap’s objective is to fill and remove all the round holes on the screen without running out of balls.

The balls are released from the top of the screen and are dropped through a tap. Once a ball hits a hole it is filled and if another ball of the same color hits it, the hole will disappear. If balls of different colors hit the filled hole three times it will also vanish.

Furthermore, the player can make holes disappear by filling three holes in a row with the same color. Fifty balls are released in each of Bounce Trap’s 35 levels and any unused balls rollover to the next level. Obstacles in between the balls will function as bouncers (much like in a pinball game) and can trigger special effects.

Video below. They have a free and a paid version

By the way, I am not into iPhone games but I know William Volk(creator of playscreen) for years and he is one of the best known guys in the mobile games industry and now his company seems to be doing some very interesting work on the iPhone ..


  1. Thank you for the nice review.
    We’ve decided to lower the price to $.99 for the Holidays.
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