Can an Operator sell aggregated data – and any examples of the same ..

Considering my previous post Owning the customer vs knowing the customer.. Here is a question ..

a) Can Operators sell aggregated data?

b) If so, what are the guidelines?

c) What are the possible aggregates?(examples)

d) Who has done this successfully?

e) What kind of aggregates are valuable for the end client(buyers of


By aggregated data I mean:

The Operator does not sell the individually identifiable data but rather an aggregate derieved from transactional data. Dean Bubley pointed it out to me that banks have been doing this for a while now – which is interesting ..

I have heard JP Rangaswami also refer to similar business models but dont know details ..


  1. Ofer Razon says:

    Though the Mastercard initiative from 1999 seems to be pretty dead now, isnt it? does anyone have an idea why?

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    agree Ofer .. seems dormant .. its a critical question though .. any more insights welcome kind rgds Ajit