The success of the Mobile broadband pipe strategy and it’s wider implications..

Mobile broadband pipe.JPG

I cannot resist this .. the phenomenal success of the Mobile broadband strategy points to the success of the ‘pipe’ strategy for Operators - where the carrier is mainly a conduit for a very good data connection.

Much as carriers hate that word, and much as consultants work to tell them that they can be more ‘value added’ – the revenue speaks for itself. It is easier for most companies, vendors and consultants to tell the Operators what they WANT to hear .. But the commercial realities can be very different and depend on what the CUSTOMERS WANT.

Apart from the OpenGardens blog, very few people like Dean Bubley of Disruptive wireless took a similar view .. i.e. the prevailing wisdom is to tell Operators to go for value added services and to ignore the edge of network issues.

There is nothing wrong in being a data connection as long as you are serving the customer – indeed in a market like this – it is a great asset to have PAYING customers!

Extending that concept, I believe that one way Operators can add value is by extending the SIM functionality and harness the edge of the network effects .. SCWS SIM as the Cloud computing client for the Mobile Network Operator – now that we have precedence to indicate that it works.

Image source: Barling pipes.

It is apparently a valuable, collectible pipe – just to show – not all pipes are cheap :) Ha ha!