Nokia comes with music is a game changer ..

I am tracking comes with music .. It’s a game changer! It changes perceptions for content consumption and is potentially a serious threat to Apple and Nokia plays Pied Piper :)

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Some insights

a) As per telecom TV

The marketing subtext of these services is that digital music is effectively an all-you-can eat buffet experience, not a series of careful ‘a la carte’ purchases. For young people who have been downloading for all their online life, of course, it already is.

b) What is strange is – DEVICE manufacturers seem to be doing creating fixed price deals for specific devices with Operators(?) and music labels. THIS is truly amazing and I believe that it is the start of something really significant where it could open a flood gate for other providers(like ISPs)

Also as per Telecom TV link above

In what may eventually be seen as the dawn of a new era in recorded music, Nokia today announced a flat-fee music service designed to be bundled in with its phones.

The move follows a flat rate music download service launched by Sony Ericsson last week. Samsung is also understood to be preparing a similar offering. We can probably now expect similar services and pricing models to be made available via ISPs and various media conglomerates.

c) EMI also just signed up .. so Nokia has all 4 labels

d) They have all Operators also it seems .. and a single key distributor in Carphone warehouse. Even Pay as you go is included. When you to the carphone warehouse site, you see a drop down with ALL operators and a choice of Pay as you go and contract.

This bit(relation to operators) is unclear to me since it is critical (especially the fixed data charges). Any comments welcome. The download charges could be a killer on PAYG – having said that the service could be potentially so popular that I suspect Operators will line up to do fixed price deals with Nokia – and if so – that’s a true game changer and the brand dial has swung in the direction of the devices in a big way

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  1. MD says:

    I thought I heard on the BBC and understood from the Nokia web site that you DO NOT download music on the phone but that you load it on to your PC and then to the phone much like you would with an iPod. This avoids the charges bu assumes you have broadband and a PC available to use to download music and load it on to the phone.
    Regardless this is a game changing model from a big powerful name in the industry.

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    Hi Ajit,
    “c) EMI also just signed up .. so Nokia has *all* 4 labels”
    There are significantly more than 4 labels out there – I fear the day when I can only listen to artists on the majors’ rosters :(
    IMO it’s sad that as we move towards All You Can Eat digital music that some consumers only experience of EMI masterpieces (such as ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ :) will be through tinny earbuds playing lossy MP3′s – greater discovery, maybe, but you’re losing a lot of the artists’ original recording in the process.

  3. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Piper :) yes .. I agree .. Also I dont know how the royalty rates are going to work out. Presumably(according to the London Metro) – artists get a portion of the ** Phone ** sales .. Not sure how that works!!