Mob4hire is a cool concept ..


Mob4Hire looks to be a cool concept. Tony Fish and Caroline Lewko pointed this company to me ..

Reason I like mob4hire is: In a recessionary environment, companies that solve a real problem will thrive. Hence, it’s interesting

As per their web site:

Mob4Hire Inc was created to help mobile or cell application developers in the non stop task of testing mobile games and mobile applications. Using the crowd, the process will allow real people to test mobile applications in real field conditions. Mob4hire reduces the pain of testing for mobile developers.

Mob4hire is a bidding system for mobile application testing. Testers will bid on various projects specific to their handsets. Developers will choose the testers that they require and will deploy test plans for the mobile application they are developing. The mobile application tester will test the application and will report back to the developer. On completion of the test, the mobile tester will get paid for the work. Mobile testing could not be easier.

It does not matter if you have an Apple iPhone , Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Blackberry, Samsung, Audiovox, LG, Palm, Kyocera, Ben-Q, Sony Ericsson, Sagem, LG, HTC, Sanyo, Palm, ETEN, MiTAC, Sharp, Siemens, Casio, NEC, USTARcom or Pantech handset. Or even a new brand that is just coming out.

Any type of programming language is possible: Symbian, J2ME, BREW, Flash or Windows Mobile. (or other new ones that are just being introduced)