Featured artists coalition – Music stars unite to seek control of their music

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This is a fascinating development which I am watching with interest – Music stars unite to seek control of their music under the featured artists coalition

As per the campaign of the featured artists coalition


Why change is needed

Featured Artists, those credited on recordings and who are the primary named performers, are responsible for the majority of income in the music industry. Their interests need to be properly represented.

Digital technology has transformed how we buy and listen to music. In doing so it has radically altered the economic relationship between artists and consumers, and the business world that operates between the two.

Navigating this new commercial reality is complicated. Issues range from the little known, little understood ‘making available right’, and the lost artist income arising from it, through to the wholesale distribution of large collections of copyrights by technology companies without fair compensation for artists.

The industry needs to change fundamentally to address these issues. Artists need an effective collective voice to represent them and have a real say in shaping the future of the industry.

A new approach.

Historically, many artists signed away control of their rights for long periods of time in agreements devised before the digital age when the music industry operated in a different cultural and economic climate. In the digital era there needs to be a new set of agreements that reflect the new ways music is consumed by fans.

The Featured Artists’ Coalition will provide artists with a collective voice, guidance and advice on their rights and how best these should be exploited.

Artists are constantly exploring new ways of connecting with their fans. The laws and regulations governing intellectual property, and its administration, will evolve with the digital age. We want the interests of artists to be at the forefront of this transformation.


This is a major change and a very welcome one ..