4th International FOKUS IMS Workshop 2008: Challenges and Opportunities in a Converged Services World

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4th International FOKUS IMS Workshop 2008

“Challenges and Opportunities in a Converged Services World -

an Update on IMS, IPTV, SDPs, SOA and Web X.0″

Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, Berlin, Germany, November 6-7, 2008

About this Year’s Event

The many questions around IMS are no doubt primarily based on the inherent complexity of a converging network world, the emerging role of open service delivery platforms and the uncertainty about future business models and value chains.

Therefore we want to discuss at our upcoming IMS event the following questions:

• what has operators family driven to deploy IMS regardless the many uncertainties about the business case;

• how many standards and to which extend must an IMS system support, and how these are exploited for emerging Triple Play and IPTV service offers;

• how does an IMS integrate with service delivery platforms and how will such an environment be controlled and managed and most importantly how does IMS relate to SOA and Web 2.0 principles; and finally

• what are the future directions in IMS developments and what role will IMS as standard NGN and related open testbeds play in face of the future internet research activities?

Based on the many positive comments about the last events, we want to maintain the basic size and structure of this event to maintain the appreciated “open family atmosphere” and stimulate the discussions among the participants.

On Thursday morning two parallel tutorials about the IMS Basics and Standards as well the Open Source IMS Core System will enable newcomers to the topic and our family to get up to speed and prepared for the remaining workshop.

Thursday afternoon we have four parallel interactive workshops, which will feature stimulus presentations and then allow the participants to present their ideas and to start a vivid discussion about the specific subject matters.

Again we will prepare an interesting evening event which allows continuing the potentially hot debates of the afternoon in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The following conference day (Friday) will address the workshop topics from an industry perspective, where mainly operators are presenting their views in presentations, and vendors will add their views in corresponding session panels.

Alongside the workshops and the conference we will have again a vendor exhibition showing the state of the art of IMS technology and applications, as well as now service demonstrations from the FOKUS Playground, such as converged media applications as well as Telco-enriched Web 2.0 applications.

Link: www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/go/ims-event

Contact: [email protected]