Social networking more popular than porn ..

Social networking more popular than porn .. Very interesting ..


  1. Deva says:

    I think one aspect overlooked here is Social networks are new destination for porn, They also act as referral engine to ones taste in porn.
    My assumptions are generalization based on users approach to porn and porn links availble on orkut in India, the major Social Netowrking site in India is Orkut

  2. Flüge says:

    lol! that´s an interesting info! Deva, I can´t really get it what you are meaning. Social networks do not have nothing in commen with porns.

  3. Ivonete says:

    O.k, I know orkut verry well i am active in the brasilien Orkut, and in my minde there is nothing like porns, its just a place where People are getting together.. but not to leave their Pornlinks.