My talk at MOMO Amsterdam:The impact of open source on mobile.

Momo amsterdam.jpg

I spoke at the last Mobile Monday Amsterdam and it was an awesome event with friends like Rudy De Waele as co-speakers. The presentations and videos are all on their site and you can see them from the Mobile Monday Amsterdam site

My talk was based on a visionary idea called The ASUS effect: the impact of open source on mobile.

The synopsis of the talk is:

a) Open source will lead to many new device manufacturers to enter the market place

b) New developments at the radio layer technology will also lead to many new entrants in the mobile device space ..

c) Many of these new devices may be non voice devices (ex: Amazon Kindle and iPod touch) but may be suited for mobile data applications

d) They may be manufactured in smaller quantities .. Since the impact of the above is to reduce fixed costs – so economies of scale are no longer a barrier to entry.

e) This leads to more device manufacturers – leading to more outlets for innovation.

You can see the slides and videos HERE

This is one of the larger and successful Momo clubs and it was a pleasure to be invited to speak to this audience of around 350 people.

I have always been fascinated about how social networks make money Justforkix – Mig33 a new and innovative business model .. and the the highlight of my day was a speech from Yme Bosma.

Yme Bosma is Manager Business Development & Partnerships at Hyves is the largest social network in Holland with 7.1 million members and 2 billion page views per month. I could not understand this talk (because it was in Dutch) but from speaking to Yme afterwards(a blog coming soon on this) – this is a very interesting company

All in all .. a great day. Many thanks to Marc, Sam, Claire, Raimo and all the team at MoMo Amsterdam for their help and hospitality in this wonderful city