The Obamamobile comes to mobile web megatrends ..

The agenda for mobile web megatrends is coming on very well ..

One very interesting session is the Obamamobile :) by Micheal Becker of iLoop mobile creators of

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The Obama campaign has made innovative use of digital media and social networking in harnessing grassroots community support. iLoop Mobile, the creator of

( The site will enable supporters, the media, and the general voting public to interact with the Obama campaign anywhere anytime.

Micheal Becker, EVP iLoop mobile will talk of the macro trend of media convergence and the

multi-modal nature of the mobile phone/mobile Internet and how it is at the crux of this convergence. In context of the Obamamobile site, Micheal will speak about

- Broadband to mobile content (news section of site)

- Mobile content (videos, ringtones, wallpapers)

- Socialsphere with viral elements for the community to share the site

- Rotating banners highlight position papers that trigger mobile web to

email conversation

- Call-to-actions to promote mobile web to text

Michael Becker iLoop Mobile