Nokia, Opera, ESPN, Admob, Oracle + leading industry bloggers to speak at Mobile Web Megatrends ..


I have blogged about the Mobile Web Megatrends conference before .. and a lot has happened since then.

Here’s where we are at! Please sign up ASAP if you are interested.

The event is on Sep 8 2008 at the pacific film archive theatre at the University of California Berkeley for only $195. Link is Mobile Web Megatrends

Speakers include companies who are doing some cutting edge work in the Mobile Web space including Nokia, Opera Mobile 9.5 , ESPN mobile , Oracle atomdb , Admob

StartupsMoblast, , skyfire, cellfire, mynumo

Thought leaders and bloggers Ajit Jaokar, Michael Mace , Barbara Ballard , Mike Rowehl

Operator strategies – OMTP Bondi , Gemalto SCWS

Emerging markets – Brazil – Mobile trends and digital inclusion

Co-Created and Chaired by Ajit Jaokar, the simple idea behind Mobile Web Megatrends is to create a small, niche event focused on developments that are key to the Mobile Web, currently (2008/2009)

This means that the conference will be focused and granular and have much more interaction from attendees and speakers than is usually found at such events.

Topics to be covered include:

Browser evolution(Opera mobile 9.5, Nokia S40 6th edition, flashlight)

location based services including CellID databases

iPhone including iStore and iPhone applications


Mobile web advertising,

Emerging markets(Brazil and Digital inclusion)

Network API’s (OMTP Bondi)


Offline browsing

And much more.

The discussion will focus on the strategy, implementation, competitive advantages and the pitfalls of these trends with a unique opportunity to get unbiased opinions. You will clarify your thinking from the experience of others and keep the conversation going through an ongoing attendees only discussion forum.

For more information and registration, please visit Mobile Web Megatrends conference