Mobile Web Megatrends – detailed agenda

We have a detailed agenda for the Mobile Web Megatrends conference

Agenda HERE and a synopsis below

The Mobile Web Megatrends is a unique one day event that addresses the strategy and best practices relating to key current trends for the Mobile Web.

The simple idea behind Mobile Web Megatrends is to create a small, niche event focused on developments that are key to the Mobile Web currently (2008/2009)

This means that the event will be much more focused and granular.. For instance – we don’t want to talk about ‘Nokia’ but rather about Nokia S40 6th edition which has implications for the mass market. Similarly, Opera Mobile 9.5 is significant due to features such as implementation of Google Gears. Thus, the event will have a much more granular, interactive focus than other events.

Some of the topics we will cover

* The Mobile Web evolution and its impact for developers (views from Nokia, Opera, Skyfire and others)

* The Obamamobile : Media and mobile convergence opportunities from the development of Barrack Obama’s mobile strategy

* Cloud computing and its impact on the mobile ecosystem – Moblast

* The iPhone session : The iStore and the future of mobile applications and it’s impact on developers(Micheal Mace, William Volk)

* Emerging markets: Digital inclusion, mobility with an emphasis on the Brazilian market

* Operators, new Media, Security and convergence(experiences from ESPN,OMTP, Gemalto and others

* Open source and mobile (Mike Rowehl)

* Mobile advertising models including analytics(admob)

* Mobile opportunities for start-ups(venturebeat)

The discussion will focus on the strategy, implementation, competitive advantages and the pitfalls of these trends. This unique opportunity to get an unbiased viewpoint with the opportunity to discuss these developments. You can clarify your thinking from the experience of others and keep the conversation going through an ongoing attendees only discussion forum.