Which telegraphs do we still hang on to?

This may be one of my shortest blogs and carnival of the mobilists entry .. But it may be interesting. In my Web 2.0, social networking course at Oxford university which I conduct – one of the participants L Joop Quist President of Graydon holdings mentioned that – when the landline phone was new – people used to call just to check if the telegraph had arrived! So, that makes me think – as we go to the mobile web, what ‘telegraphs’ are we clinging on to?

Thanks Joop for your participation and feedback


  1. Martin says:

    Hi Ajit,
    Old habbits are hard to break. I can see it with the Normob (Normal Mobile User) I try to convert :-) VoIP on the Nokia Nseries phone: Yep, because it just works as part of the phone feature, fully integrated, not much to adapt to. Taking pictures? Yup, works like the camera. Accessing the Internet with OperaMini? Starts getting difficult. Uploding pictures to Flickr from the camera menu? No, despite being very simple. I wonder what will bring the breakthrough…