seeking feedback: what are the mobile web megatrends


I am creating an event/workshop called Mobile Web Megatrends

I am looking for key developments this year and next year(2008/2009)

So, in my view the Mobile Web Megatrends in 2008/2009 are

a) The evolution of the browser(Opera, Nokia)

b) Location based services 2.0 – (Cell id databases)

c) APIs – network(GSMA, OpenAjax, Bondi)

d) Widgets

e) Advertising models including analytics

f) Mobile social networks

g) iPhone

h) Android

What else?

What more can you add?

Many thanks

kind rgds



  1. i) Web vs. Native
    j) Background Processing: Problem? Solutions?
    k) SDKs for Mobile Plattforms
    l) New Distribution Channels (eg. App Store)
    m) Mobile Enterprise
    maybe I can find some more…

  2. dean collins says:

    Make sure you segment out Analytics from Advertising.
    Yes if you are implementing a free site then Admob advertising analytics or some other vendor is great in that they are free and you run their ads against your mobile content.
    But when you want real mobile analytics you need to look at a mobile specific analytics vendor like
    Amethon Mobile Analytics is able to provide far more information about who/what/why/how people are interacting with your mobile content, remember if you aren’t going to track usage why bother publishing content in the first place.
    You might also like to check out some of the posts at a forum we sponsor lots of mobile related marketing articles for you to review.
    Dean Collins

  3. I think you’ve covered many of the most important mobile web trends. Alexander touched on a good point regarding native v web applications.
    You might also think about adding mobile video to your list as well. With 3G data speeds and Flash plugins coming for iPhone 3G and Windows Mobile, it will make the mobile video experience much better.