Mobile Web Megatrends ..

Following my previous blog about Mobile Web Megatrends – many thanks for your feedback and also about requests for this event i.e. what exactly is the Mobile Web Megatrends all about ..

So, here is some more information ..

Last year, I chaired a conference called Mobile Web Americas in Orlando – Florida. With participation from Nokia, Google, Opera and others – this event was a huge success. After that event, I mentioned to Larry Lockhart(the organizer of Mobile Web Americas) about the forumoxford event I co-chair in partnership with Oxford University – and that the forumoxford conference has a unique, homely feel to it but also a cutting edge technical excellence .. and how it would be nice to create something similar ‘across the pond’ in San Francisco/Silicon Valley.

Larry had not forgotten my comment apparently ..

A few months ago .. he came back with an update about Mobile Web Americas ..

It had become bigger and better .. and was going to be called Mobile Web Strategies 2008 and was going to be a partner event with CTIA .. to be held at the Moscone centre ..

Would I like to chair it again ..

And ofcourse I said yes ..

He then reminded me of my comment last year .. Mobile Web Strategies is to be held on Sep 9 in the Moscone centre .. That leaves Sep 8(a Monday ..).

Would I be interested in creating a smaller, focussed – maybe more detailed event covering specific topics ..

And thus was born the idea of Mobile Web Megatrends ..

This will be the first event I create in America from the ground up .. and it’s great to have an experienced partner like Larry. It is also a part of a broader futuretext strategy to have a greater presence in America.. so I hope we do this right!

The simple idea behind Mobile Web Megatrends is to create a small, niche event focused on developments that are key to the Mobile Web currently(2008/2009)

This means that the event will be much more focussed and granular .. for instance – we don’t want to talk about ‘Nokia’ but rather about Nokia S40 6th edition which has implications for the mass market. Similarly, this year due to a changed licensing model, Adobe is also very interesting – so we want to cover Adobe ..

It will also have a much more interactive focus

Based on feedback, we have now updated my original list to a set of potential topics below (note that this is an indicative list only at this stage ..)

• The evolution of the browser(Opera, Nokia)

• Location based services 2.0 – (Cell id databases)

• APIs – network(GSMA, OpenAjax, Bondi)

• Widgets

• Advertising models including analytics

• Mobile social networks

• iPhone (including iStore)

• Android

• Nokia S40 6th edition – the impact on mass market phones

• Flashlite

• Mobile Web demographics – the numbers, uptake figures, impact of flat rate etc

• Browser plugins

• Enterprise and Mobile Web

• Cloud computing

• Emerging markets

• QR codes and

• Offline browsing

We decided to keep it only $195 – and with a limited audience, I think the tickets will sell fast …

The date will be Sep 8 – the venue will be somewhere in San Francisco or the bay area.

If you are interested in attending, speaking or sponsoring .. please contact me at ajit.jaokar at

Many thanks to Kevin Leong, Russell Buckley, Jeff Sonstein, Dean Bubley, Alex Kerr, Al Briggs, C Enrique Ortiz, Paul Golding and Michael Mace and others for their feedback