Dr Mike Short – Congratulations!!


Mike Short, Vice President of Research and Development at Telefonica O2 Europe has been a great friend and inspiration to many in the industry – including me. He wrote the foreword for my first book when I was a virtual unknown in the industry and has always supported my work. So, it was great to see that Mike Short is Dr Mike Short as reported by Martyn Warwick of Telecomtv. As the article says – it could not have happened to a nicer chap. Compliments Dr Mike Short!

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Mike Short: The Doctor is in

09/07/2008 08:46:00 – by Martyn Warwick

I am delighted to be able to report that Mike Short, the vice president of Research and Development at Telefonica O2 Europe and a longtime and firm friend of us here at TelecomTV has been awarded an honorary doctoral degree by the UK’s Staffordshire University. It is well-deserved recognition for Mike’s inestimable contributions to the mobile industry and really couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap.

In his present role Mike Short is deeply involved in the development of some of the most innovative and compelling 3G mobile services in the world and is a man with boundless enthusiasms for the global mobile industry.

MIke has been an evangelist for mobile technologies and services from the very earliest days and became a director of Cellnet (now O2 UK) way back in 1989, when he was responsible for the company’s big infrastructure investments.

Four years later he established Cellnet’s groundbreaking GSM service and was also responsible for negotiating roaming agreements that allowed UK mobile subscribers to use their mobile handsets whilst overseas – a revolutionary idea that has had the most profound effects on the development and popularity of mobile telephony all over the world. In more recent years Mike Short has ben focusing on 3G technologies and services and is an infectious enthusiast for applications and services as diverse as mobile TV and wireless health.

That’s his day job, but Mike is one of those people who seems to be able to squeeze 48 hours of work into 24. Thus he either has also been, or still is, chairman of both the GSM Association (GSMA) and the Mobile Data Association (MDA), an advisor to Ofcom, the UK’s uber-regulator of telecoms and the media, the chair the UK Trade and Investment ICT Sector Advisory Board, advisor to the UK Radio Communications Agency and a director of Phonepayplus, the regulator of Britain’s premium calling sector.

On top of that, Mike Short also came up with the idea of the prestigious Global Mobile Awards; has given evidence and tendered advice to British Parliamentary committees on the mobile industry and is also a Visiting Lecturer at Lancaster University, De Montfort University in Leicester, Surrey University and, of course, Staffordshire.

Mike is renowned for his affability, accessibility and deep industry knowledge.

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He also knows just about everyone in it. If Bill Clinton is Rolodex Man, famous for maintaining contact with everybody he’s ever met, Mike Short is his equivalent in the global telecoms sector, except that he uses rather more up-to-date technology than a Rolodex to maintain his seemingly inexhaustible list of contacts.

Ask Mike any question about almost any aspect of telecoms and if he can’t immediately answer it himself he will be able, instantly, to provide you with several contacts who will be able to help.

Well done Doctor Short. An academic honour for an honourable man,