Trusted flash?

Any views on Trusted flash? Is anyone using in?

My first impressions – it is content centric – so if it is only content then its media, movies etc etc .. this will face customer resistance .. Secure apps are more interesting(NFC for example) than secure content(which is more of interest to media companies)

From the link above ..

TrustedFlash™ Security Technology Platform

Create. Protect. Enjoy.

A N Y W H E R E™

The TrustedFlash platform, powered by TrustedFlash security technology, signals a new world of premium, digital content mobility using flash memory where protection and seamless portability go hand in hand. The TrustedFlash Forum gathers together leading companies within the mobile community who recognize the value to themselves and to users of a thriving ecosystem to support this platform.

The TrustedFlash platform is based on data-centric, rather than device-centric, security. This unique approach lets users access all of their data whether premium content, applications or service-related on any of their TrustedFlash-enabled devices. Now users can enjoy their music, videos, global positioning system (GPS) applications, games, mobile TV and e-Commerce applications on any of their TrustedFlash-enabled MP3/MP4 players, handsets, GPS stations and portable media players (PMP). A secure, multi-vendor environment gives them the freedom to download their data of choice from multiple providers, instead of only from a single provider. Now users can access all of their premium content/services on any of their mobile handsets within the operator’s network.

TrustedFlash security technology is at the heart of the TrustedFlash security platform. It securely stores sensitive digital data and applications on flash media, extending the trusted environment to include Secure Digital (SD™) cards, microSD™ cards, high-capacity SIM cards, USB flash drives and embedded flash drives. Built on international standards for cryptography and authentication, TrustedFlash security technology supports a variety of digital rights management (DRM) formats. It is comprised of these basic building blocks:

* Secure key session: random key encryption during data routing to/from the TrustedFlash-enabled device, multiple secure sessions, multiple simultaneous applications.

* Content encryption: TrustedFlash internal hidden keys, state-of-the-art cryptographic processor (RNG, AES, DES, 3DES, SHA1 Hash, PKI, key pair generation), on-the-fly encryption/decryption, advanced PKI and Trusted Time System.

* Multiple partitions: secure and public with on-the-fly dynamic allocation, hidden partition visible only to authenticated application, full integrity between discrete partitions.

* Secure storage modes

o TrustedFlash Playback: only authorized application can read the TrustedFlash encrypted content.

o DRM agnostic card: rights objects (ROs) are encrypted with TrustedFlash security keys and stored with the associated content in TrustedFlash-enabled device.

o TrustedFlash Playback + DRM: encrypted content and RO are encrypted internally with TrustedFlash security keys.

* Secure execution environment: customized card applications, install/uninstall/browse card applications, standard card applications such as one time password (OTP), multiple DRM scheme support, conditional access system (CAS), secure interoperable personal video recorder (PVR), preloaded secure content.

* Scalable platform, storage and security: Secure memory platform that can be extended with more storage and applications, choice of multiple protection levels that can be implemented per content/application.

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