No MMS on the 3G iPhone – good or bad?

There have been some questions about the lack of support for MMS on the new 3G iPhone ..

I think there is a simple explanation .. Apple is right to leave MMS out of the iPhone(and it reveals a much broader strategy as we see below)

I think the question is- What exactly do we need MMS for(from the user standpoint)

Three things are possible ..

a) person to web communication(photo album type of application)

b) person to person communication

c) A2P (Application to person i.e. web site to person) – this is like a daily news paper

In reality is P2P communication via MMS is dead (and MMS has only itself to blame)

More importantly no matter what Apple does – it cannot control the P2P experience since the operators, other device etc will not be interoperable

The other two(A2P) and Person to web – can be done by the iPhone much better without getting bogged down with MMS

The question reveals a key insight ..

Both Google and Apple are wisely not mucking around with the network layer .. I.e. leaving the network layer to telecoms and focussing on the Apps layer(playing to their strengths and to the revenue sources)

When Android was launched .. I had a post saying - No IMS stack for Android? Which is the same thing(conceptually)

So, it makes a lot more sense when you look at it from both tech and functional angles

The chickens have come home to roost for the telecoms industry ..

If they launch ventures like MMS and dont get the interoperability right and make them viable for the whole ecosystem (think OpenGardens) .. these initiatives(and the cost) become dead in about three years when players like Apple and Google will simply bypass them. We saw that with LBS. Now we see that with MMS.

The future belongs to the Web players dominating the Mobile space – which is nice :)


  1. egghat says:

    Well Apple tries to make things nice and easy for users. I tried MMS two times on my SE phone and on a Motoroly phone and things were not easy, intuitive or fun.
    Apple has iChat. Which is easy, intuitive and fun. And I count it as a rather big disappointment that Apple didn’t announce iChat yesterday. There were a lot of rumours regarding iChat on the iPhone and a port to Windows PCs. Well we’ll have to wait …

  2. Kirk Watts says:

    I cannot see interoperability being a huge issue. There are MMS agreed standards used by other members of the mobile industry. There are many people out there who are not purchasing the iPhone because it seemingly lacks some basic funcionalities expected of phones these days, most of which are even offered by budget handsets (let alone a premium handset like the iPhone), and I think that the 3G iPhone is now the only 3G phone which does not support MMS.

  3. Harrison Carter says:

    MMS dead? What planet are you on?

  4. Ajit Jaokar says:

    I did not say MMS was dead. I said it is largely irrelevent in the broad scheme of things and I stand by that! rgds Ajit

  5. Ajit Jaokar says:

    egghat – agree!
    kirk – MMS is not interoperable. standards apart – there is no gurantee that an MMS sent to a user will be reliably displayed – renderd and its cost is known in advance. kind rgds Ajit

  6. Daz says:

    On what might you base this ? MMS Dead ? What region do you cover with this ? In Europe MMS revenues contribute 70 – 80% of non-voice revenues for the major players.
    Additionally it’s nonsense about network and application layers. I am a big apple fan, but it’s not beyond their abilities to integrate functionality that exists on nearly ever other recent phone in the EMEA and US regions today.
    I can comfortably send MMS messages to family and friends on a multitude of different networks without issue from my Nokia N95 (including from different countries). Nokia are not a wireless operator but they seems to manage the MMS experience just fine. You’re telling me Apple couldn’t do this with ease ?
    P2P communication is irrelevant ? The majority of handset users are still very very new to the Person to web communication (say facebook from your mobile for example) whereas they are very used to sending photo messages of locations, friends and family.
    My mother for example would keel over if you asked her to log in to a website using her phone, but would not hesitate to send me a picture of her new car.
    I think MMS is a MAJOR ommision for apple, they miss out on revenue with the sharing deals and show that some ofthe easy quick hits could be bigger news.

  7. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Thanks for your comments. Many in the telecoms industry still cling on to MMS – but lets face it – its been here since about 2002. There are no indications that it will mass market any time soon. As the old adage goes .. 80% of the industry has sent at least one MMS message .. But how many have sent two? :) I rest my case! rgds Ajit

  8. Khalid Kadrie says:

    I don’t have any hard facts, but I can tell you from a college student in the US that MMS is a major factor in today’s cell phone world. We send pictures to ask questions if something is set up right (for events) to idea’s of gifts that we take pictures of at the shop. I see students who send MMS to their parents, aunts, uncles, and other family members. When traveling its nice to take a picture of you wherever you may be and send it back to a loved one, knowing they do not need a computer, or internet to view and respond. MMS is not a thing of the past, just like txt msg’ing, it is a key factor in today’s forward moving world. Who is apple to decide that we don’t need it? Find me an alternative.

  9. sustin says:

    Wow i’m not familiar with all of the phone logo, but i’ve spoken with over 20 iphone owners and they are told that a new software batch would fix the MMS problem. I personally would love to have a iphone but I do not understand why a phone that takes such a pretty pic not be able to simply send to a friends phone. I was waiting for the next version thinking this would be corrected, but if i understand correctly its not? I guess i stick with my 8525. Mater fact I’d trade music capabilities for texting picture capabilities. They definately do not have my sell without that feature. too bad because it would be a perfect phone then.

  10. JP says:

    I receive at least 5 MMS messages a day that I cannot check thanks to my iPhone. Do you have any idea how aggravating it is to have the most expensive/highly advanced multimedia phone on the market and still not be able to see these messages? In addition, most of my friends cannot check email on the their phones. Without MMS, I cannot easily send them a Pic to their phone. It’s ridiculous.
    Why could they not at least provide a link to the MMS website that enters the ID and Password for you? They could exclude the MMS and still provide a reasonable method for viewing the messages.

  11. DDM says:

    I think it is a major oversight to not implement MMS on the iPhone. Being from the UK, our mobile phone usage is different to that of the average US customer, and I can tell you that MMS is definitely used regularly over here. I’ve heard many comments saying it doesn’t need MMS because you can email a picture easily from it…maybe you can, but what percentage of the mobile phone population actually have a phone which can check email easily, and more importantly, what percentage of the mobile phone population actually use this function or even know they have it and how to set it up? In the UK, at least, this percentage would be very low.
    On the other hand, pretty much every other phone besides the iPhone can receive a picture message direct to their phone in the same way as receiving a text message, or send a picture message to anyone else with no problems. I use picture messaging daily, whether it’s receiving pictures and video clips of my little nephew who is just about to turn 1, or sending pictures of things I come across randomly which spark a memory or would create a smile to whoever I am sending them to. For me the omission of MMS is a dealbreaker, although the prospect of someone creating an external application to fix this issue does give me some hope.
    There have also been comments made about pricing, and the uncertainty related to that. I’d say that has more to do with your provider than MMS as a whole. Over here, where text and picture messaging are used far more than in the US, mobile phone contracts usually give you a certain allowance for how many free texts you get per month, and MMS messages are usually billed so that they use up 3 or 4 of your free texts. The pricing structure is known and there is no confusion over how much you will be paying, so that is not a valid reason for leaving MMS out.
    Maybe in a few years, when mobile email becomes more commonplace this wouldn’t be a big issue, but for not it definitely is. As Ajit mentioned above, his mother could easily send a picture message of her new car but would struggle to check email on a phone to obtain a picture message. I think that would apply to a lot of the general population which makes it quite a big factor.
    There is a reason why Hybrid Cars exist…while they offer an advanced fuel efficient means of powering the vehicle, they also recognise that they need an alternative option in the form of “normal” petrol or diesel as there needs to be time for change and phasing out of old technology. The iPhone has jumped that step, and left behind a lot of potential customers who are having second thoughts because of the omission of something so fundamental as MMS.

  12. DDM says:

    Sorry…I meant as Daz mentioned above, rather than Ajit.

  13. Michael Still says:

    so just a quick questionn see if anyone knows i agree with what i see as a majority here the iphone amazing phone that cannot do what should be a simple task mms…. with the intro of the app store is it possible for a person to create a program that would allow for this ?

  14. Dustin says:

    I know this doesn’t fix the whole mms issue with the iPhone but it does offer a short ten solution. When you want to send a mobile pic to another phone from the iPhone, for instance att user, [email protected], put that address into the to line and it will successfully send the pic to any mms enabled phone. To recieve, most mms capable phones can send to email so just have your friends and family send them to the email you have set up on your iPhone. It works nicely. Your iPhone will even remember the address so you don’t have to remember them, or better yet you could add the address to your contacts. For example [email protected]. You can google sprint mms address or something like that to find a complete list. Here is a good URL.
    I know its not the same but hey you gotta work with what you have. Did this from my iPhone too ;D

  15. Kelvin Peh says:

    Everyone knows that if Apple wants to add mms capabilities is as easy as taking candy from a kid. So, why no mms on iphone?
    Answer: mobileme.
    I know the ‘my mum will send a photo of her new car but will struggle to check email…’ argument. But mobileme is $99 a year. If there’s mms, who would use mobileme?
    Before I get bombed for appearing to support Apple’s decision to leave out MMS, allow me to state that I do feel that no MMS is one factor that make the iphone 3G less appealing. But atlas there is hope in 3rd party apps that may allow mms or as maybe what Dustin suggested can be put to use.
    What I also can’t agree with is why no video taking function for such a high end multimedia phone equipped with a good camera?

  16. DDM says:

    mobileme costs $99 per year?? ahh, now it’s all beginning to make sense!

  17. E says:

    MMS is a major omission on Apple’s part, this had put me off buying the 3g iphone unless there is some sort of application to download and make this possible. Pls let me know if you know of any..

  18. shawn says:

    I 100 percent think Apple missed the boat on not including MMS on the Iphone. I know four people who will not buy it for that single reason!! Now If I know four people ( and I didn’t search far believe me) Imaging how many people will not buy this world wide!!
    oh yes the four people??.. me, my wife, my buddy and a co-worker.. all of us use MMS daily,, for many different reasons.. It’s easy, quick, and fun to use MMS.. posting to emails is cumbersome, slow,, and NOT FUN!!…

  19. Talent25 says:

    Well bottom line. Imma give give it to August 1st and if Apple or app store developers haven’t got MMS going on the iPhone, then I’m selling my first gen and might even cancel my AT&T contract if AT&T doesn’t have a decent phone…I held out on verizon, just to get the iPhone…Waited a year to get mms and bluetooth stereo ( come on, it’s a freaking iPod) and now I’m hearing the new 3G iPhone still want have neither. My bottom line, Aug 1st.

  20. Andrew says:

    I was going to buy the new 3g iphone, thinking it would now have mms. But alas no. So i’m reconsidering now, its a shame

  21. Vip says:

    I’d agree with the general sentiment here. Not including MMS was a mistake on the part of Apple but hopefully one that should get corrected by 3rd party developers.

  22. Jason says:

    This post is idiotic. I have never had a MMS compatibility problem when messaging any of my friends, except for iphone users. I am extremely skeptical that implementing MMS would be beyond apple’s capabilities or an invaluable burden on their development schedule. You may love spamming facebook from your phone, but me I just wanna see the pictures my friends send me all day.

  23. Jeremy says:

    MMS is such a basic part of the whole SMS thing. Why NOT just put it in??? It’s no big deal for Apple, but a huge issue for countries outside the US (like here in Oz). I was dumfounded when i found out the 3G iPhone has no MMS capability. In fact, I’m not sure I will/can buy an iPhone having just found that out. Give me a break, how hard can it be in to incorp this simple feature in the phone?

  24. MisterMe says:

    Maybe I am just too old, but could someone explain to me why Apple should include support for a crippled email protocol (MMS)? Does MMS offer some advantage over iphone’s email (other than the ability to receive messages from other people’s last generation devices which lack proper email services)? I suspect that from the standpoint of most users, the only difference is the “instant” nature of MMS–a difference that evaporates with the implementation of “Push” email.

  25. Kieran says:

    Jeremy: I think the point your are missing is that while the email functionality on the iphone is superb, most mobile users do not use their phone for email access. This means the most common protocol for image or other media sharing amongst the mobile community is still MMS (certainly in the UK).
    I don’t send or receive a huge amount of MMS daily, but would still expect such a common and basic function on such a high end device.
    That sais I’m not sure it will be a deal breaker for me, I’m sure I’ll end up buying the 3G version!

  26. usrbin says:

    MisterMe, yes, you are too old.
    MMS is as needed as SMS. Remember SMS, apple did not even include the ability to send SMS to mulitple recipients until 1.1.3/1.1.4
    I really think they were expecting ipod owners to purchase a phone that has a great ipod capability. Instead they got folks like me, who buy smartphones but have no use for an iPod. I think i have 12 songs on my 8gb ipod and 4 movies. I hate to sync, i manage music/video manually and use 3rd party software mobilecast to download podcasts.
    Two days ago had an old acquaintance MMS a photo of herself, her response to my non-response, oh, you didn’t like the picture. Sorry, I have an iPhone, we don’t do MMS. She thought i was kidding, she said “that high end movie playin, website browsin, hi-res picture takin, phone cannot recieve a picture message, your phone is limp”

  27. Maximizer says:

    Hey guys I agree 100%, you can turn around the problem and maybe find another solution to send a pict to a friend but I do believe that such a sofisticated devide as the iPhone should have MMS, Video capture features, Image treatment, user friendly file manager and what about voice recording???? Wouldn’t you agree? I don’t wanna know the reasons, I want solutions!

  28. omegaman says:

    ajit, and any others who support this postion.
    There is no evidence anywhere that MMS is going away or is even dropping in use. Quite the contrary is true.
    The reason, almost certainly, that Apple left it out is a marketing one, not a technical one. Network layer, nonsense! They, Apple, need to have something to use for upcoming announcement of the “new” IPhone 3G Plus, or whatever they decide to call it. This is of course, in order to cause millions to abandon their IPhone 3G (just purchased a year earlier) and buy the “new” greatest IPhone, not to mention ATT getting just as many new 2-year contracts. It is all about money, and nothing else.
    The same thing applies to the lack of modem support, copy and paste, video (camera), not knowing if a call was made or received in the call history, and many other basic functions missing from the IPhone 3G. Look at it with an open mind and applying common sense and you will see the light.

  29. Katy says:

    My dad and I used to send MMS to each other almost daily. It was a fun way to stay in touch without interrupting each other’s daily schedules for a video chat. We still do the video chat thing on occasion, but have resorted to email each other pictures because he got an iPhone. From my phone I email him a picture to his gmail address which he can check from his iPhone. However I have to wait until I am near a computer to see his response.
    I was very annoyed with the iPhone for disrupting something that was working out so well. If I get an iPhone I would then be able to send and receive emails with my Dad, but then would miss out on the MMS from my husband and three or four friends that send me pictures via MMS.
    I wish everyone was on the same system, or Apple had included some workaround to receive and send MMS. Perhaps they’ll read this and listen to my pleas.
    All things considered though, the cost of owning and using an iPhone has been my main hindrance.

  30. says:

    I use MMS almost every day. It’s one of the greatest features of modern mobile phones. Will this new t-shirt suit me? mms a pic to my wife. Where are you? mms to my friend. Away on a meeting – mms a “hello – miss you guys” video to my kids.
    The fact the iphone doesn’t have mms is the reason i won’t be buying one. And anyone who makes reasons up for Apple not to include it are just fanboys. If Apple released a phone with not voice support, you guys would be blogging away on how “we” don’t need it anymore, because txt messages supersedes voice.

  31. Harrison Carter says:

    Sounds a lot like P2P MMS is alive and well to me.

  32. nick says:

    I’m in Australia, and I also know of at least six people who will not be buying iPhones on the basis of lack of MMS capability. That’s me, my wife, my sister, my brother in law and my parents. Of these six people, three use Macs at home and would love to extend the Apple experience, but rely heavily on MMS on an almost daily basis.
    Bad call, Apple.

  33. Owen Godfrey says:

    I’m in Australia too, and the iPhone has been just released. I was shocked to find out it couldn’t do MMS, but then realised I hadn’t sent any in ages. Frankly, if the phone does provide the functionality of my computer, I won’t care because there are better ways to do it. If I need to send an MMS to someone, then I have to agree with Apples position of letting others do the software. As to video calls, I got a video phone two phones back, and never found a use for that feature. Sounded cool at the time though.

  34. Eddie says:

    well I use MMS on my 8525 Pocket PC more than anyting else, so it’s a vital feature i must have. so it pains me that iphone dont have that because i was gonna get it
    i had an ipod touch, but took it back because i was tired of carrying that and my phone wit me all the time, my pockets aint big enough, and i don thave a carrying case for all this stuff, so gettin the iphone would’ve made it a 2 in 1, and a space saver
    but not to have MMS on it…..not sure if i wanna sell my pocket pc now…

  35. Dag0n says:

    Well, looks like i shall have to jailbreak this iphone too and use swirly or similar!

  36. latinpride613 says:

    Dude, getting technical doesn’t make it ok. For goodness sake CHEAP FREE phones have the MMS feature. People with kids (like myself) love taking pictures and sending them on the go and quickly. I understand there’s email, but that’s just plain stupid if you can’t send it to someone at the moment, like CHEAP FREE phones can. iphone’s touch interface and web are bar none to may phones out there, I had an iphone once. The iphone was such a disappointment I sold it and switched back to sprint.

  37. Pete says:

    From Australia here. I need a good slim phone for SMS and making calls. I am attracted by the slick SMS software, however I use MMS once a month when I REALLY need it. eg. Buying clothes, presents for kids, relatives. I MMS a pic from the shop to the parent.
    Also in work, I receive MMS of installation issues, usually because the phone is the only camera around and it would take a day to config the PC etc to download the picture to email.
    I want one, but won’t buy it till it supports MMS. It’s not a phone, it is a PDA, that emulates a phone atm

  38. Dan says:

    I am lost how this phone can be taken seriously when it can not send receive MMS, can not forward sms and can not bulk send sms.
    I was thinking of getting one from O2 but how can I have a phone that lacks these BASIC features.
    Apple what a fuck up!

  39. DAve says:

    From the UK here, have had a play with the iphone in the store – very impressed and would buy one but for one fact. No MMS, I don’t use it as pften as SMS but do use it. Most important, I receive occasional random MMS from different friends, if the phone doesn’t support them I wouldn’t even know they been sent. Unacceptable lack of a simple service, simple as that. The day Apple – not a third party – make the iphone support MMS is the day I’ll buy one, untill then it’s a case of form (and fancy, impressive tech) over function – but a phone needs this basic function.

  40. Laura says:

    From Australia here.
    The comments about MMS being dead are ridiculous.
    Is this just another case of Americans thinking that the whole world is the same as them? You are living on your own little planet, and Apple has MASSIVELY FUCKED UP when it comes to everyone else in the world outside America.
    I got my IPhone today and immediately took a photo of myself with it, went into it and went to send it to my boyfriend with a message saying – here’s a pic of me taken with my new phone. I couldn’t BELIEVE I couldn’t do it.
    I use MMS daily and so do many people I know. Not everyone has email on their phones, especially young people, old people, people on Pre-Paid phones, the list goes on.
    MMS enables you to take a photo of something, then send it straight away to someone. Even if you CAN get email on your phone, you should be able to do something this simple.
    I’m SOOOO angry at Apple for doing this, and I cannot work out why they’ve done it.
    Either they are completely self-absorbed and do not understand the market (the MAJORITY of the world) outside the US, OR they have some unknown reason for doing this.
    Another thing the IPhone can’t do it make videos and send them (or even keep them on your phone).
    Apple have completely fucked up.
    No-one would expect such an advanced phone to not be able to do something that the majority of the world uses daily.
    MMS messages are cheap in Australia and often cost next to nothing when on a good mobile plan.
    What they have done in my opinion, is the equivalent of creating a car without air conditioning – MMS is a BASIC, not an advanced phone function.
    I am completely baffled and pissed off, Apple.

  41. Glenn says:

    The omission of MMS on the iPhone is clearly intentional on Apple’s part. After all they included SMS. Why would they need to include such an antiquated way of messaging such as SMS when there is full email support in the iPhone? Answer: for backward-compatibility with the other 99% of the world that doesn’t use iPhones. Which is the same reason they would naturally have had to consider including MMS in the iPhone. So the only reason MMS is NOT there is because they purposely left it out to push some internal agenda (the MobileMe idea might not be too far off from the truth).

  42. Stuart says:

    well you can recieve the mms with 3g iPhone. You get a SMS from the network provider and it contains a URL and password. Go to the URL In safari, input your phone number and the password they sent, then it gives you a link to the picture and text. You can then save the picture. Works on o2in the uk have done it many times.

  43. Jason Lim says:

    I think that odmitting MMS is a big mistake as well. I am in the Handphone trade dealing in Asia and China and I can tell you that MMS is a big thing even in China. I use it often to take pictures of new accessories to send to my customers. Given that I can email, but MMS just save a hell lot of time. I know I could retrieve from the website as well, but that sort of defeat the purpose of the convience of the MMS in the first place. I do own a iPhone, but because of the lack of support of MMS, I don’t use it.
    I hold a degree in Electrical Enginnering and was in HP design team for their iPaq products. I do not understand why it would be a technical issue to implement MMS in the iPhone. Personally, I felt it was a big flaw, because I am sure my friends and business associates will be put off by the lack of support for MMS.
    My take is that its not a technical issue, rather, MMS is not popular in US, so the designer being US based, doesn’t see the need to implement it in iPhone. I still think it will still do well in Asia thou its a pity, because it will gain us as a convert if they just support MMS. I am using a Nokia E71 now.

  44. Dave says:

    Glenn, am interested in your comment about receiving mms on the iphone in the uk. Is this something that happens automatically if someone sends you a mms – the receipt of an sms, password etc – or do you need to add software / change set ups or do anything else? Cheers.

  45. fernando says:

    Glenn – you gotta be kidding… have you ever used MMS? It sure doesn’t look like it!
    MMS is a slick, straight-forward, super-quick, brainless way of interchaging photos and videos:
    - to send: shoot it (or pick it up from gallery already on the phone), choose “send”, pick to whom (several, if you wish) and that’s it.
    - to receive: when phone alerts of a new MMS message, you just unlock it, press ONE button and you see the MMS – really it’s just as simple as that.
    As someone already pointed it out, northern americans think the world begins and ends in North America, which is one of their biggest mistakes.
    Europe and China make the majority of mobile communications customers, and we are (we = Europe), and always were, far more advanced in mobile communications than North America.
    I remember watching X-Files, years ago, and Mulder and Scully, at a given time, had such old cell phones (Nokia 5110), that in Europe nobody had them anymore – yet they were, apparentely, really advanced sets, for northern americans :)
    Reality is: MMS is heavily used, on a daily basis, both in Europe and China.
    I use(d) it to send a quick pic to my wife of a piece of furniture I found when business travelling. Or whenever I found a scene, sculpture, building, street child play or happening or whatever I knew she would appreciate. Or to send pics of “here I am” to my friends, or “watch this cake I’m about to eat” to my sister or “here’s your grandson yawning” to my father.
    This list really goes on and on and on. It’s all about socializing and sharing in real life, you know, outside Hi5, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Imeem and others :)
    I couldn’t resist buying an iPhone 3G, so now I got stucked with no MMS (still haven’t decided on jailbreaking it) and that’s really bad.
    But I’m hoping to solve that in the next month or so, to have my good old sharing life back.
    Cheers to everyone.

  46. Bryce says:

    Add me to the list of people who didn’t buy the iPhone 3G due to no MMS. I am UK residnet but working abroad and send recieve 5 or more MMS a day for lots of reasons:-
    1) I take memory pictures to send to the family – my mum doesn’t use e-mail, my daughter has limited e-mail access.
    2) It is cheaper then SMS 40p for SMS – 18p for MMS
    3) It’s easy – point click, send, pick contact, send – gone.
    E-mail from a phone while roaming is bonkers – £7.50 per mb !!! No way I am paying for data while roaming.
    As a side note the picture quality of the iPhone camera is awful compared to Nokia. I have an E90 and the pictures from the 3.2 Mega pixel camera are superb – done a side by comaprison with a freinds iPhone and it was night and day

  47. Kristjan says:

    I bought an iphone 3g under the impression that it would have everything that I consider essential… I have only had it 4 hours and am already regretting it! MMS was probably the function I used most on my old mobile phone! I have never been into email… In fact I don’t really email at all. I have got by without it fine. I only got an email address this year and would only check it on average once every two weeks. I relied on my mobile phone as my main form of communication, and now I can no longer do that – as I will not be able to share pictures or videos with friends. I am very disappointed to say the least!

  48. Glenn says:

    Fernando, I used to use MMS with my kids all the time so I’m not sure what your comment was about — I think you were responding to Stuart’s comment. Now I’m stuck with my new iPhone and CAN’T use it. It’s beyond frustrating. My earlier comment was simply that it was not by accident that MMS does not exist on the iPhone — it is very much intentional. There is no way that Apple could have accidentally forgot to include it — they left it out on purpose.
    I’ve tried the miscellaneous “solutions” quoted on the various blogs for working with MMS here in the U.S. but none of them work properly. It is just simply a major pain in the rear for us iPhone users who are waiting for a real solution.
    Perhaps Apple just wanted to make sure they’ve got a forced upgrade path for current iPhone users. After all, if you create the perfect phone with an infinite software expansion capability right up front, you’re going to have a hard time getting those same users to upgrade their hardware later. I could see a little piece of firmware in future models that enabled this (easily correctable) software issue — kind of a like a hardware “lock” key. That way they could force users into new equipment instead of just downloading a software update.
    Apple better learn one lesson VERY QUICKLY on this though — Google’s Android open source software development kit for smart phones is hitting the market and if Apple doesn’t make their customers happy soon, they will no longer HAVE those customers once there is a better option with all the same capabilities and more.

  49. joseph highborn says:

    This article is to express the feeling of a former iphone user. (WHAT THE FUCK???)
    i bought an iphone 3 week ago. it couldnt send mms, know what i did with it? i smashed it to pieces. (just kidding) sold it back.
    some people in this post talked about using the email and about it being easy. IF ITS EASY THEN WHY THE HECK DO I HAVE TO DO A BUNCH OF THINGS WITH IT JUST TO SEND A FREAKING MMS.
    i agree with fernando’s “3) It’s easy – point click, send, pick contact, send – gone.”
    i dont want to trudge into email n such.
    do you know how much email on mobile phone cost in my country?
    a 5 minute log on the internet is equivalent to USD30.00 or UKpuound sterling 30.00. would u pay that much just to use the email to send mms? isnt that just plain stupid? that is why mms is better.
    2/3 of the world is using mms? where were the brains of apple when they created this? probably celebrating the success of the LIMP iphone. lets call it limPhone shall we.
    quating omegaman “My dad and I used to send MMS to each other almost daily. It was a fun way to stay in touch without interrupting each other’s daily schedules for a video chat. We still do the video chat thing on occasion, but have resorted to email each other pictures because he got an iPhone. From my phone I email him a picture to his gmail address which he can check from his iPhone. However I have to wait until I am near a computer to see his response.”
    in the end the 2/3 of the world will push Apple to put mms capabilities in their iPhone. because mms is much more fun.

  50. mrdynamite says:

    I upgraded to an iPhone 3g through my online service provider her in the uk (O2) without realizing it doesn’t support MMS. How? Because checking if it had MMS would have been the same as checking if it had vibrate to me. It’s just a basic standard I expect. It’s just as bizarre as including Bluetooth but restricting it to just an earpiece only, not my computer or other phones.
    There are arguments to be made about what the future techonology will be but so what? It’s like saying the phone can be made with one or the other function but not both. I have met maybe 2 or 3 people who just about know how to set up an email account on their phone, let alone a whole country of phone users who would know how to send or receive a pic on their phone via email!!
    Think of it this way. It would be like Apple developing thier next Mac and saying “all new computers can use Bluetooth to connect to their devices now, let’s make the next Mac without USB ports”. It just doesn’t make sense to sustitute one for the other, for whatever reason, when you can simply have both. Especially as, in my example, that would mean you couldn’t connect the iPhone to your Apple Mac computer, ever!
    iPhone goes back monday. Nokia N95 3g, here I come.