Book review: Next generation wireless applications by Paul Golding

I have recommended Paul Golding’s books in the past – and his new book Next generation wireless applications is also highly recommended.

Very few people can write a book of 600 pages on this topic .. and Paul is certainly one of those. It covers considerable technical depth and with an emphasis on new technologies like Mobile TV, coverage of both Mobile Web and Java applications development(including MIDP 3.0), emphasis on IMS, network elements including wimax, HSDPA etc

I have used the first version of this book as a reference book – and the same goes with this version.

The book is oriented to the relatively novice reader to orientate themselves in the mobile applications landscape in terms of technologies. It is also primarily oriented from the Operator perspective with chapters like ‘Becoming an Operator 2.0′. In doing so, it is one of the few books that span the Internet and the telecoms technologies

The book is overwhelmingly about IP-related technologies used across the mobile-data network end-to-end.

There are generally two-levels of books

1. About mobile applications themselves from the industry trends, concepts and paradigms perspective

2. Technical books about software (e.g. developer books) or networks

Paul’s book is a systems level book somewhere between these two levels. It is based on the diagram of the ecosystem in the form of concentric rings (below) and the book then proceeds to cover the technologies in each layer extensively in 600 pages …


I would have no hesitation in recommending this book and I hope you like it as well.