Etisalat welcome roaming message arrives in Hong Kong ..

I am I Hong Kong giving the keynote of the Asia Pacific Web technology conference and conducting a two day workshop on the implementation of Mobile Web 2.0. I transited via Dubai. I was in Dubai for around 3 hrs. As a Vodafone UK customer, I was roaming in Dubai. However, imagine my surprise when I got the following message from Etisalat (Dubai Operator) in Hong Kong(long after I left Dubai)!

Dear Guest, Welcome to the UAE. Enjoy the best network coverage and other unmatched services only with Etisalat. Please use <+> or <00> before the country code for int’l call. For directory service call 181, for availability of GPRS, MMS, 3G roaming services call Etisalat Travelers’ Help Line 8002300 & for inquiries on tourism, entertainment, shopping, etc call 7000-1-7000 (Roaming rates apply). Have a pleasant stay in the UAE.

The point being – I am almost 100% sure that I am paying for this message – which has no use whatsoever since I got it in Hong Kong(i.e. after I left Dubai)

How many more such instances when we may be perhaps be spending money due to the provider’s fault and never recovering it since it’s a small amount? But that small amount is a source of profit for the provider?