Dont buy print edition of Forbes Top 100 celebreties – online is much better ..

I have been a fan of Forbes magazine and especially of Forbes issues which include lists (for instance Richest people, Best corporations to work for etc). Hence, I was disappointed with the latest issue from Forbes – The Forbes celebrity 100. The problem is – there is so little content. Just a list and three or four people covered in that list. A large portion of that issue is extensive advertorials (one about Greece, one about Environmental protection agencies and one about IPTV). I certainly did not pay money hoping to read these advertisements and so little content. This is very poor coming from Forbes and I don’t recommend that you buy this issue

In contrast the online coverage is a LOT better and I think that’s all you need i.e. don’t bother with the print edition.

I have never seen such contrast in content between online and print – with print being so content poor. Maybe this is a broader trend of the demise in print media.


  1. Kevin Smith says:

    HI Ajit,
    Agree fully, the hyperlink simply can’t be matched in real print. Only the ‘feel’ of reading a physical glossy where the artwork is crucial (National Geographic, comics) is yet to be bettered on a laptop, but as TFT/LCD etc technology improves even that will be on a par. Plus of course it’s easier to block ads online :)
    PS I think you have given the link to the 2007 Celebrity List; 2008 is at: