Triumph of the long tail .. How techno band toppled Madonna

This is truly amazing and a reflection of the Long Tail in action. How techno band toppled Madonna


Commercial dance is a very overlooked genre,” Mr Cadman says. “It’s quite sad really. The Clubland TV channel is doing fantastically well, it’s one of the biggest music channels on Sky.

“It’s all upbeat commercial dance, and I think a lot of people want that, and not necessarily when they’re in a club.”

Their customers are the tens of thousands of people who can be found at nightclubs in towns and suburbs every weekend, he says.

“The clubs that hit the headlines tend to be the named clubs – everyone knows of Cream and Gatecrasher, but what people don’t tend to talk about is the club on every street corner.

“It might be a Ritzy or Ikon or Oceana. There are so many of these clubs and they’re in every suburban centre. If you take Manchester, it might be the outlying areas – Oldham, Bolton, Stockport.

We’ve heard it called chav music, council house music

Matt Cadman

“All the town centres tend to be quite cool and built for young executives, who are probably a little bit older, and then in the outside areas you get more kids from 17 to 24 going to clubs, and they tend to be the ones where we do particularly well.

“Where we tend not to do particularly well is within the M25. As soon as you get inside the M25, it’s like commercial dance music doesn’t exist.

“And 95% of the national media is controlled from within the M25 so I think that’s why they don’t see it. They just literally don’t get it.

“When they hear something like a Scooter or Cascada, they’ll think it’s rubbish. We’ve heard it called chav music, council house music, kiddie music – every disparaging term.

“And that’s just not how we see it. We love it, we think it’s fantastic. And so it’s proved – it’s not like we’re listening on our own. Somebody’s wrong somewhere down the line.”