Suddenly Adobe/Flash Lite gets very interesting for mobile devices …

Adobe has made some very interesting announcements recently. My friend Simeon has a good blog on these developments Adobe’s Open Screen Project Indicates Strategy Alignment

I last met Simeon at Barcelona in 2007 at Mobile World Congress when I was speaking there, and we had a lengthy discussion about Adobe. I remember Sim was optimistic about Adobe/Flash Lite then – but I was not.

My point has always been – on the Mobile web Adobe is not doing what it did on the web(and which made Adobe successful on the web in the first place) i.e. on the Web – it gives the client for free and charges money for the tools. On mobile, it charges a lot of money for the client(at least it did so prior to this announcement). In private discussions I had with Operators and device manufacturers, this had always been a problem for them – thereby slowing uptake of FlashLite.

I know you could argue that the client was not free in the case of FOMA in Japan – but Japan already had a vibrant mobile data industry in the form of imode prior to FOMA(so the FOMA – flashlite was a lesser risk)

However that has changed

The client is now free. That fact along with other changes makes adobe / Flash Lite a much more interesting proposition to watch now on

Its also nice to see Gary Kovacs take on a key new role .. And from my brief interactions with Gary – this is a good move for Adobe with Gary heading mobile developments

Certainly one to watch


  1. I think people are overseeing one thing. Adobe is opening itself because they finally understand that, despite its power, Flash still has its weaknesses (eg. performance or SEO). Due to the architecture it will never be able to compete with Ajax in some areas and Adobe understands.
    Just look for the next Dreamweaver release and what they are doing already (building Ajax UI components like blazes, ActionScript-Javascript communications libs, Webkit in Air,…)
    Adobe will likely bring us the first “usable” Ajax development platform (something like Flex) and in another 2 iterations they will deliver an integrated client platform based on Flash,JavaScript and Webkit that runs everywhere exactly how it should run without compromises.
    It’s not about Flash competing with Ajax or Silverlight, Adobe wants to leverage all those existing web technologies to create the next Java and .Net on the client side.