Mobile Web 2.0 Worth Over $22 Billion by 2013?

Juniper research claims that by 2013 Mobile Web 2.0 will be worth $22 billion dollars. Having co-authored the book Mobile Web 2.0 alongwith Tony Fish .. I should be happy .. But I am not.

There appear to be two obvious flaws in this line of thinking ..

Firstly, the report seems to be throwing in the kitchen sink when it says that ‘Leveraging ‘Location, IM, Social Web & Search’ 2008-2013′. Consequently, it does not have much meaning if we start to combine all these aspects along with the creation and the social aspects of Mobile phones(which I think are the key factors). The report also seems to add the advertising and the Mobile Web market to it as well – which are two distinct aspects in themselves.

Secondly, the report does not seem to cover open devices vs. closed devices. In my view, that factor will play a key part in the deployment of Mobile Web 2.0 whichever way you look at it

In many ways, considering the hype labels attached to Web 2.0 and also Mobile Web 2.0 – a black hat thinking is necessary

Almost every forecast for the mobile data industry has been proven wrong – and I suspect this is too optimistic as well as all encompassing

And finally, many of the interpretations of Mobile Web 2.0, Mobile 2.0 etc are already in the public domain(if you cover this blog, Dan Appelquist‘s talks, blog and Rudy De Waele’s blog – you should get most viewpoints.

And its all in the public domain!