Mobile connections opportunity at Supernova and Techcrunch ..


Hello all ..

This may be a very big opportunity for someone in the mobile space if you get it right.

Supernova is probably one of the best conferences in the tech visionary space and has played a key role in anticipating critical developments on the path to the Network Age for the last seven years.

Past speakers include Sergey Brin and speakers this year include Jonathan Schwartz, Mike Arrington, Joi Ito and others including me :)

Kevin Werbach, the creator of supernova emailed me about a new initiative they have just announced .. and the upside can be coverage on techcrunch!

For Mobile Connections at Supernova 2008, they are looking for game-changing innovations that provide a glimpse of the wireless future .. and the leading ideas will enjoy coverage on techcrunch.

See details below.

See also the links at the bottom of this email from Kevin to get an ethos of this conference(which is unique)

If you are attending, please email me as well so we can catch up(I am speaking on Wednesday but I will be there for most of the week)

Any qs, please email me at ajit.jaokar at or the supernova folk below and I can try and help if possible

The Supernova conference and TechCrunch are looking for the next great mobile ideas.

It’s a safe bet that the most significant innovations in the Network Age will be tied to mobile communications. For Mobile Connections at Supernova 2008, we’re looking for game-changing innovations that provide a glimpse of the wireless future. This is not another start-up contest — it’s limited to pre-commercial or non-commercial submissions.

We want to hear about concepts, prototypes, research lab projects, hacks, and business ideas, in any area related to mobile communications: devices, applications, interfaces, business models, location-based services, development tools, use cases, transmission technologies, etc. If your submission blows us away, we’ll invite you to showcase it at Supernova 2008, June 16th in San Francisco, CA. You’ll also enjoy coverage on TechCrunch, the leading media site covering emerging technologies and companies today, and the Supernova Conversation Hub.

There will be no charge for those selected. Email your submission to [email protected] by May 23, 2008. More details at Mobile connections – Supernova and Techcrunch

and also these links from the creator of supernova Kevin Werbach give you an idea about the thinking behind supernova,-post-PC-world/2010-1071_3-1008628.html